Friday, November 7, 2008

7 random BOOK related facts about me!

Mimi over at Mimi's Pixie Corner tagged me for this 7 random facts meme, with a twist! The 7 random facts have to be book related facts! So here goes! I hope others will join in the fun!

1. Not My Will by Francena Arnold was my first introduction to Christian fiction. I was around 13 years old when I read this. I remember I cried.

2. I read tons of "Southern" fiction in college including, Stuart Woods, Ann Rivers Siddons and Pat Conroy. All of these authors were guests at my college and I got to have dinner with them and hear them read from their work-in-progress.

3. I wrote a children's novel during the last two years of college and attended a private writing get-away with author Doris Buchanan Smith. (author of A Taste of Blackberries) I still have the copy of my manuscript with all of her notes written on it.

4. During my senior year of college Ann Rivers Siddons novel, Heartbreak Hotel was filmed as a movie featuring Ally Sheedy, Virginia Madson and Treat Williams (Heart of Dixie). I bought a first edition of the book and took it with me when my literature class traveled to Mississippi to watch the filming. I had the book signed by everyone in the film and attended a special gathering for the cast hosted by the govenor of Mississippi.

5. It wasn't until after I married and moved to Fort Sill, OK with my husband that I was convicted about some of my reading choices, and I began to read Christian fiction in earnest. I remember having to wait up to a year for the release of the Thoene's novels! There wasn't much to choose from but I was thrilled with what I could find!

6. I have been writing to my favorite authors for years - before email! - to tell them how much I enjoyed their books. Their letters of response are some of my cherished treasures. Now that everyone has a website and email address, I continue to contact the authors that I read and encourage (sometimes argue) with them about their work.

7. I began blogging in an effort to renew my love of writing and return to the things that have always meant the most to me. I am praying for the Lord to show me what He would have me do with my writing and love for reading and promoting great Christian books!

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M. C. Pearson said...

Great answers. How cool about the book getting signed by the actors. :-)

Rel said...

Thanks Kim - mine's up now :)