Thursday, November 13, 2008

In the Shadow of the Sun King by Golden Keys Parsons

“When your homeland, the hills and trees and rivers where you have built a home and a life and raised a family is snatched away, where do you go? When the tapestry of your life that you have woven together through the years with the threads of laughter and tears is rent, what patch is used to mend the tear?” (p. 187)

In The Shadow of the Sun King is a phenomenal debut novel by Golden Keys Parsons! I cannot begin to tell you how humbled and excited my heart feels now that I have finished the final pages of this incredible story! Golden Keys Parsons has captured the rich history of the Huguenot persecution during the reign of Louis XVI with such vivid imagery and heart-wrenching detail that your heart will be forever changed. The characters’ lives leap from the pages, and allow the reader to weep and rejoice alongside them throughout this unbelievable journey!

The Clavell family lives in the French countryside, a family of nobility in King Louis’ court. Francois and Madeleine were brought together through the persecution of the Huguenots, and together they have built a family with a rich Christian heritage and a strong faith in God. When the dragoons of the kings military finally bring the threat to their front door, plans are already in place to protect the children. Madeleine has youthful ties to the Sun King, and she is convinced that if she could just remind the king of their young love, he would protect her family from the horrors of the dragoon army. Leaving her family behind, she sets off for an audience with the king.

However, Madeleine’s best laid plans to protect her family do not prevail, and she and her sons find themselves separated from her husband and daughter under the most unbearable circumstances! The scenes of pleading prayer from Madeleine and Fancois’ lips will truly tear at your heartstrings! At the point where it seems all hope is lost, Golden Parsons begins to shine the light of God’s blessed mercy and sovereign design upon the Clavell family, and the events that unfold will leave the reader breathless with wonder and praise!

Historical fiction is a genre I claim as a favorite, and I can truly say that In the Shadow of the Sun King is one of the most powerful stories I have ever read! I highly recommend this book to everyone, and I eagerly await more stories from this very gifted writer! You can visit Golden Parsons' website to learn more about the author and visit Thomas Nelson's website to learn more about their terrific books!

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