Tuesday, October 21, 2008

On Tour with Sandra Byrd and Bon Appetit! GIVE AWAY!!

“There was a sign on the wall in the baking school that read, ‘If your arteries are good, eat more ice cream. If they are bad, drink more red wine. Proceed thusly.’ I think that summed up French food philosophy.” (p. 106-107)

Well, it seems I’ve joined Sandra Byrd and her main character Lexi Stewart in the midst of a series. No worries! I was totally enchanted! Bon Appetit is the second book in the French Twist series, and it records Lexi’s journey into French culture during her six months stay in the country while attending baking school for the Delacroix family bakeries. Sandra Byrd has very accurately captured the nuances of the French people, and what begins as a lonely, frustrating experience gradually evolves into one of the warmest, most challenging and satisfying times in Lexi’s life. This is a book that makes the reader hungry in more ways than one!

Lexi was apparently struggling in her baking job in Seattle. When the opportunity to move to France and attend baking school presented itself, Lexi felt like it was a dream come true. However, upon her arrival in the country, it became very apparent that Americans weren’t high on the list of French favorites! Lexi had to learn one step at a time how to acclimate to her new home, and before too much time had passed, she found herself immersed in her job and her studies. Along the way, she meets Phillipe and Celine, Anne and Patricia and a host of good Christian folks at a nearby English speaking church. The Lord begins the process of drawing Lexi into intimate fellowship with Him, so that when she comes to the place of decision in her life, she is able to discern what the best choice is for her life.

This is truly a delightful read! I can’t promise you that you won’t gain a few pounds in the reading of it though! Ooo-la-la!! The food!! But the characters and the plot is as yummy as Lexi’s baking, so you will be delighted all along the way! There is much to enjoy about France, its people, and its food, so come along for a French Twist! You’ll be so glad you did!

I have an extra copy of this book for one of my readers to enjoy! Please leave a comment here along with your contact information, and I will hold a drawing a week from today!

Best-selling author Sandra Byrd enjoys a successful career writing adult, teen, and children’s books, including the Friends for a Season, Secret Sisters series and the French Twist series, including the first Lexi Stuart novel, Let them Eat Cake. She is also a regular contributor to newspapers and magazines. Sandra lives in Washington state with her husband and two children.


cpullum said...

This lloks like a good read!! Count me in!!

Tarasview said...

I'd like to win this one too!

Pamela J said...

I can certainly relate to the statement about the book: "Americans weren’t high on the list of French favorites!". We visited our son and his wife when their first child was born. He was stationed in Italy for the Army. When we were in the hospital and the Italians saw him in his army clothes and us with him, they made no bones about not liking us: They said things about us, LOUD and nodding our way and turning their backs to us when we were close. I don't think they all are that way but it was hard to experience. Please enter me in your contest. Thanks.
Pam Williams
cepjwms at yahoo dot com

Kim said...

Okay, "cpullum" you are in for a delicious treat! Please email me your snail mail information so I can get your book to you soon!!



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