Thursday, October 30, 2008

I got to chat with a terrific author today! Travis Thrasher!

Talking with an author is a particular thrill for me. As many times as I've enjoyed this opportunity, I never get over the "hollywood star" sensation of meeting someone significant. Perhaps it is a combination of recognizing their talent and the fact that their story has somehow made a difference for me whether it was thought-provoking or just pure entertainment.

Thanks to publicist Miriam Parker, I had the opportunity to ask Travis Thrasher some questions today, and I just want to share a few of the insights I gained from talking with him about his latest novel, Isolation. I recently read and reviewed Travis' book, and the thing that resonated with me was how realistically spiritual warfare was portrayed. Travis stated more than once that he believes that this darkness is very real, but that God is in control of our every circumstance. Although we may not get all of our questions answered this side of heaven, as Christians we have hope amid the dark times of our lives. Travis explained how the seed for Isolation came from a time in his own walk when it seemed as if his prayers were going unanswered. The isolation we sometimes feel from God in our walk is indeed a scary place to be.

The main character, Jim, finds himself isolated not only in his physical location but in his marriage and in his spiritual walk. All of these elements allow the reader to enjoy the heightened sense of fear that Travis develops as his story unfolds in the North Carolina home. Even though the main characters have been warned, they don't act until it is too late and they are forced to deal with the consequences. Travis' testimony of God's work in his life was very evident throughout the interview, and it is his heart's desire to write stories that allow readers to enjoy a supernatural thrill in his work, but to leave them with hope that only comes from the assurance of knowing Christ as your Savior. Though his message of hope is not an overt one, the story is written in such a way that anyone who reads Isolation will know that there is indeed hope in even the darkest circumstances.

Please visit Travis' website and learn more about his books! He is the author of several books that offer readers a variety of stories to enjoy!
It was an honor and a THRILL to talk about Isolation with Travis Thrasher! Pick up your copy today!

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Kristin said...

Travis is doing a live, online chat on Wednesday, Nov. 12, from 2-3 p.m. EST at for anyone who wants to join. He'll be taking questions about "Isolation" and his other books. Log in at If you can't come, you can visit the link I just mentioned and submit a question. will archive the chat.