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Less Than Dead by Tim Downs

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Less Than Dead

Thomas Nelson (September 9, 2008)


Tim Downs


Tim Downs is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Indiana University. After graduation in 1976 he created a comic strip, Downstown, which was syndicated by Universal Press Syndicate until 1986. His cartooning has appeared in more than a hundred major newspapers worldwide.

His first book, a work of non-fiction, was awarded the Gold Medallion Award in 2000. His first novel, Shoofly Pie, was awarded the Angel Award in 2004, and his third novel, PlagueMaker, was awarded the Christy Award for best suspense novel of 2007. First The Dead, the third book in this Bug Man series came out earlier this year.

Tim lives in Cary, North Carolina, with his wife Joy.


Some secrets just won't stay buried.
When strange bones surface on a U.S. senator's property, the FBI enlists forensic entomologist Nick Polchak to investigate the forgotten graveyard. Polchak's orders are simple: figure out the mess.

But Polchak, known as the "Bug Man" because of his knowledge of insects and their interaction with the dead, senses darker secrets buried beneath the soil.

Secrets that could derail the senator's presidential bid.

Secrets buried in the history of a quaint Virginia town.

Secrets someone is willing to kill to protect.

With the help of a mysterious local woman named Alena and her uncanny cadaver dogs, Polchak sets out to dig up the truth.

But with a desperate killer hot on his trail, he'll be lucky to wind up anything less than dead.

If you would like to read the first chapter of Less Than Dead, go HERE


“The line between life and death is so fine that sometimes they [insects] have trouble telling the difference.” ( p.178)

Less Than Dead has been my introduction to the work of Tim Downs and “The Bug Man”. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!! Nick Polchak is my new favorite hero! I laughed out loud at his sarcastic humor, I held my breath as he raced against time and pursuing villains, and I sighed with complete satisfaction at the closing scene. Nick Polchak may wear coke-bottle glasses and love bugs that eat dead things, but he is just irresistible to me!

Now, enough about Nick – excuse me, Dr. Polchak. Less Than Dead is a novel that seamlessly weaves political intrigue, small town secrets, and local folk lore with modern forensic science and a few murdered bodies for a suspense tale like none other! Alena Savard is the heroine of this tale, and she plays the perfect converse to Nick Polchak’s bug-man character. You see, she is locally known as “the witch of Endor!” When the story first introduces these characters to each other it seems impossible that they can ever be more than sworn enemies. However, by the time you reach the final pages…well, let’s just say I sincerely hope these two show up again in the next story!! CLICK clack!

Less Than Dead is just a superbly written suspense novel, and I highly recommend it! I know one thing, I’m going to be scouring the bookstore for copies of everything Tim Downs has ever written! Then I’m going to beg the man to write more! He’s that good! What are you waiting for? Purchase your own copy today!

Please come back on Friday for a fascinating interview with Tim Downs! He discusses bugs, dogs, his next project and much more! Don't miss it!!


Nicole said...

You will love Shoofly Pie and Chop Shop. I actually didn't like the third one First . . . the Dead so much. Plague Maker is not a Bug Man book and really is Tim's only "real" Christian novel, but it is an excellent and touching read. He's a marvelous writer for sure. To have two of the most unique and fascinating characters in all of literature with Dr. Polchack and Alena Savard is a huge accomplishment in itself.

Scrambled Dregs said...

I totally loved my first Bug Man novel, too. He has the dregs questions, hopefully I'll have the answers tomorrow.