Thursday, January 3, 2008

The New Year Starts with a bang!!

I am finally getting around to completing the Black and White Chronicles by John Aubrey Anderson!! Yippee!!! Last night, I finished Wedgewood Grey and I was left so anxious to begin the And If I Die I almost decided to fore go a bit of sleep and get started! However, I chose to go ahead and get a good night's sleep, satisfied to know that the next volume was waiting for me! Yahoo!!

Set primarily in Mississippi, these books chronicle a supernatural battle for the lives of a local family. However, the books reflect the spiritual battle that is raging all around us as we journey through this world. I'm thankful that God is in control of all these things and that He provides the guidance we need through His Word to navigate the battle field. I think the main reason I enjoy these books - besides the obvious suspense, action, wonderful imagery and strong characters - is that John Aubrey Anderson's books lift up Christ and His finished work on the cross. Come what may in the lives of his characters, Christ's atonement is beautifully displayed over and over again. That's what it's all about!!

Anderson deals with many issues that are race-based, and he doesn't hold anything back. I like that about these books, because it is a wonderful picture of God's love and mercy working in all of our lives no matter our race or our station in life. When God starts working in people's hearts, all of that fades away, and we enjoy fellowship and relationship in an entirely new way! There are TONS of twists and turns in the plots of these stories, and enough "battle" scenes to keep you up nights trying to see who survives! I can't really relay the plot in a simplistic way - there are layers and layers to be explored. These books will be read more than once at my house!

Thank you so much, John, for providing an exciting, thought provoking read! I am a fan and a half! I can't wait to see what comes next!! You can purchase your own copies here.


Terri said...

Kim, I loved your review! I can hardly wait to read these books. They sound different from any I've read before. Thanks for your review.

Kim said...

Thanks for stopping by! Keep an eye out here for an upcoming give away for this series. John Aubrey Anderson will be sharing some copies for me to share with readers! I will also be posting an interview during that time. Stay tuned!


Danica Favorite said...

These sound interesting! Thanks for stopping by my blog on Cheryl's tour.