Monday, January 21, 2008

101 Cups of Water by C.D. Baker - A Give Away!

This book by c.d. baker is different from anything I’ve ever read. I really don’t know how to categorize it, because if I call it a devotional guide it doesn’t say enough about the contents of this very special book. Each two-page spread contains a simple black and white photo, a title naming the “cup” of ideas to be addressed, and a few brief paragraphs book-ended by powerful statements of introduction and summary. As a matter of fact, the opening lines are indexed at the back of the book – they are special enough to warrant such attention. You truly experience an “ah-ha!” moment of truth on every page!

I call this book special, because David Baker captures the essence of our daily walk. He honestly explores our feelings of frustration, anger, fear of failure and bad decisions with the joy of understanding fully how our life in Christ is one of completeness, joy and usefulness despite our human frailties. I usually don’t even use devotional guides, but I found myself wanting to book mark every page in this one! The honest truth about living the Christian life is breath-taking!

The writing style is as straight forward and simple as the layout of the book itself. I honestly think I will carry my copy with me for quite some time just to have it within easy reach! As I was discovering this book, I emailed David Baker and asked him to share his inspiration for this book and the experience that allowed him to come to the truths so powerfully displayed in this new work.

“I had been raised in a very conservative Christian background in which my ideas of God were performance based. I struggled for decades to please God through obedience to His Word and deluded myself into imagining that I actually was keeping the code well. Then I failed in ways I had not expected were possible which led me into a wilderness of desperation. There I was thrown a few life-lines to this odd thing called 'grace' which, at first, seemed just too good to be true. Could God really love me AS I AM and not as I should be? When I heard the answer, 'Yes!' everything changed.

I offer this little book in hopes of inspiring others with the Good News that God loves them even with all their imperfections. My hope is that it will set people free to love God and to feel His love in ways they have never imagined.

Instead of cups of water, these might be better thought of as cups of tea...when writing them I needed to let each one steep in my soul. So as I hiked with my rather ugly bulldog, Maggie, I would let the Spirit soak them into me. I do hope readers will read them in the same way.”

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is thirsty to love and understand God in a way that is powerful and life-changing! This may be Mr. Baker’s first work of non-fiction, but I can truly say I hope it is the first of many! You can visit his site here to learn more about his work. This is an excellent book! Buy a copy to keep and several to share!

If you leave a comment on this post, you will be entered into a drawing to win a free copy of this terrific book! Don't miss it!


Unknown said...

Kim, I flipped through this book in a bookstore over the weekend, on your recommendation. But as my book budget is well spent I will take my chances here with you! :) Love all you have to say...

cdbaker said...

Hi Kim,

I'm the author and just wanted to say 'thank's' for hosting my book. It comes from deep places in my heart so it is a real joy to see it touching others.

Uh, don't let me win the drawing. :)

Rachel said...

This sounds like a wonderful is interesting to learn that there are so many others who are raised on "performanced based" salvation!

I have so many books that I have bought and not read yet (I understand this is a common malady!)...if there are only two of us posters, bless Michelle with the book!


windycindy said...

Hello, I am glad Deena had your link on your site. Another wonderful site I can visit and learn! Thanks for the wonderful book giveaway contest.

NeedANap2 said...

This sounds really good, something I could use now. Thanks for introducing the author and giving more info!

Birdie said...

God's of my favorite subjects! I've never heard of the book, thanks for the recommendation!

Bebemiqui said...

I would love to read this book!

bebemiqui82 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Hedi said...

Hi, this book seems good, would be a nice reading for me now.
Thanks for this giveaway!

Kim said...

And the winner is....


Thanks for stopping by everyone! Please come back next week for another give away! And know that I have three terrific give aways scheduled for February already! Come on back for another chance to win some great books!