Friday, January 11, 2008

Cindy Woodsmall -Two terrific books!!

It was a year ago that I was first introduced to Cindy Woodsmall when I read her debut novel, When the Heart Cries. It wasn't until two days ago that I finally had the opportunity to read the second book of this trilogy, When the Morning Comes, and I was blown away!!!

These books deal with the relationship within the Old Amish Order and the many ways that dealing with the "outside" world of Englishers affect them. There are layers and layers of character development that will cause you to really connect with everything taking place in their lives, and they will stay with you long after you finish the last page. I love books like that!!

Well, by the time you reach book two, a series of tragic events have unfolded, and the result of human frailty and believing a lie rather than looking for the truth is played out in the entire cast of characters. The main character reaches a very poignant moment early in the book (a letter she writes on pages 34-35) that reflects a truth we could all learn from....Nevertheless, ...God. No matter what circumstances we find ourselves in, if we are a child of God, His promise to work all things for our good and His glory becomes real. Imagine the worst...nevertheless, God is working and making Himself real in your life. I can't begin to tell you how powerful this moment is in the book!

Even though you get the "Nevertheless" message early in the book, Cindy Woodsmall's story only gets more powerful with every page. The story becomes so involved that you cannot put it down! And by the time you read the last are searching for the author's phone number so you can call and tell her to send you the next story page by page as she writes it!!! What a cliffhanger of an ending!!

The final book of this trilogy will come out in September of this year, and I can't wait!! I urge everyone to hurry out and grab these great books! You will read them the first time to enjoy the story, but you will re-read them for the encouragement of God's promises to His children! Great books!! Thank you, Cindy!!

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I love Cindy (and she's just as wonderful in person!)