Friday, November 23, 2007

Yada Yada Prayer Group Gets Rolling: A Review

It seems I am destined to read Neta Jackson’s series backwards. I’ve never read any of these books, and now, suddenly, I’ve read the last two in the series in reverse order! But you know what? Somehow watching the faith of the characters struggle in book six – knowing the outcome from book seven –made it much more powerful! Truly, Neta Jackson has captured the essence of our weak, human minds and spirits hanging on tenaciously to the hand of Almighty God.

Gets Rolling deals with the heart of the Christian as it grows and matures into a more complete relationship with Christ. Our prayers, like those in the story, are often answered in such unexpected ways! Yet even when we recognize the answer from God, we still have the tendency to question why He didn’t answer like we wanted or expected Him to answer! Truly, we serve a God that is faithful and long-suffering with His children!

My absolute favorite part of the novel was the play performed at the JDC facility. I was weeping at the end! What an absolutely perfect way to show man’s inhumanity toward truth and light, and to deliver the even greater message of what a change truth and light (once we are able to see it) makes in our lives! That entire passage – from first involvement to final words on stage - was extremely powerful!!

I highly recommend this series to anyone who wants to be encouraged and challenged to live in a close and personal relationship with Christ! These books are excellent! Thank you, Neta Jackson!!

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Unknown said...

And thank YOU, Kim, for your encouraging words! I'm starting a new series, a "spin off" from Book #7 in the YY series, with some new characters, a new context (still in Chicago), but with some of the "old" Yada Yada characters popping up too. Pray for me as I listen to the Spirit of God for this new series!--Neta Jackson, author of the Yada Yada series