Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Try Dying Reviewed

From the very first page, the suspense begins to build. By the middle of the book, you realize you have to been holding your breath for pages! When you finally read the last page, you release a satisfied sigh…almost. For you know there is more…there must be more…for this is the smoothest, fastest thrill ride in fiction!

The characters are real, raw and gritty. The scenes are described with such clear imagery that you can smell the fear and uncertainty, and taste the salt of the tears on the character’s faces. There are also many scenes buried within the story that include literary humor and allow you a glimpse into the author’s brilliant mind.

Truly, if suspense and unexpected plot twists are what you crave in a book, Try Dying is all of that and more! I anxiously await the next installment. There is more. There must be. For Bell leaves you with so many possibilities and unanswered questions that you are left ready to pick up the next volume and see what happens to our main character. Throughout the book, the reader watches the events of Ty Buchanan’s life take him to levels of raw humanity that even surprise him. He begins to question what is meaningful and whether or not there is more to living….whether the answers lie in dying…if there is anything more beyond the grave…so many questions surface throughout the story!

Realistically, there are not answers to all of the questions. James Scott Bell knows that no matter who is reading his book that in order to deliver a story that rings true, he must not tie all of his scenes up in neat little packages. Hence, as I have said before…there is more to come. There must be more! Bravo, Mr. Bell!!

P.S. Since writing this review, I’ve “heard” from Mr. Bell via email, and there IS more!! This book begins a series! YAHOO!!


storyline said...

Enjoyed reading your blog, great review!

Scrambled Dregs said...

Great review Kimberly Sue.

So you of great techie do I ping? I don't know that I ever have. And I see it in so many comments at the CFBA rollcall... I'm asking you because I know you won't mock me and laugh at me...right? Do share!