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Tea Party Culture War by Stephen Johnston - Reviewed

About the Book: (from WinePress)


Wondering about where political, financial, and environmental trends are taking America and the world, and how Christianity fits in? Pondering what political party should take control of America to help turn things around?

Stephen Johnston, B.S., J.D. addresses the troublesome times Americans are finding themselves in. Tea Party Culture War contains clear discussions and explanations of the:

• Culture war between theism, naturalism, and pantheism
• Trend of liberalism and postmodernism in America
• Disintegration of the family, breakdown of morality, and bias of the education system
• Negative effects of central banking and Keynesian economics worldwide
• Dangers of open interpretation of the Constitution
• Effects of entitlements and resource wars on America and the world
• Current religious trends
• Biblical prophecy of the impending end times

This book sheds light on modern times and gives a glimpse into the turbulent times ahead—and provides a Christian worldview with which to approach it all.  

My Thoughts:  

Beliefs have consequences.  If America is to prosper again, we must return to the faith of our Fathers.”
AND we must return to the TRUTH of the Bible! (that’s my personal add-on to this statement) Tea Party Culture War is not a political guide.  Rather, this book provides a Biblical guide-line for all Christians as they vote in any election.  Johnson historically outlines the cultural development of a variety of worldviews.  He is speaking truth, folks.  His outline of the development of and the divisiveness of worldviews that stand in opposition of the Scripture is both enlightening and challenging.  My take away from this book is that I need to know what the Bible says and be able to discern whether or not my candidate aligns himself with the truth of God’s Word.
This doesn’t just apply to political candidates either.  Leaders of any group, pastors of any church, they ought to be teaching the truth that is taught in the Bible.  Scripture admonishes believers to be able to discern between true and false doctrine.  Johnson takes that challenge into every area of the 21st Century!  This book is timely and relevant, and Christians should know the truth of God’s Word before they go to the polls to vote, before they choose a church home, before they do anything.  This book is an admonition to follow Christ.  A challenge to all Christians to stand up for Christ in a world that continues to grow darker with the lies of the enemy.  Tea Party Culture War is a must read for anyone who wants to be able to understand how our country has fallen so far from what the Bible teaches and what our Founding Fathers intended for this country.

You can buy a copy of the book HERE.
About the Author:
A long-time resident of California, author and economist, Steve Johnston, B.S., J.D., earned a Juris Doctorate degree from Western State University of Law and a Theological degree from Calvary Chapel School of Ministry. Mr. Johnston has over 20 years experience in prison ministry and Bible teaching, and has served as a chaplain in Orange County and Los Angeles jails as well as Pelican Bay, a California maximum security prison.

Mr. Johnston describes his book, The Tea Party Culture War (WinePress, 2011) as a systematic manifesto of the Tea Party Movement. Mr. Johnston and his wife of 38 years divide their time between homes in Palm Desert, California and Brookings, Oregon. They have one adult daughter and one granddaughter.


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