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A View from Juliette Turner's Window - Our Constitution ROCKS!

It isn’t every day you get a chance to interview a 14-year-old and introduce her first published work! A rising  9th grade student, Juliette was a delight to talk with!  She is a young lady whose heart is to serve the Lord with her whole heart.  She hopes that God will use her to reach others of her generation and teach them the importance of our country’s founding documents and why our freedom hinges on our understanding and use of this phenomenal work.
I am going to use a combination of paraphrasing and direct quotes for this post, because, well…14-year-old girls talk quicker than my 40+-year-old ears can listen! J  She is a delightful young lady that wants to be used by God! What an exciting thing to be able to share with you!
Juliette’s mom, founder of  Consituting,  believes strongly that future generations were ignorant of their founding documents.  Juliette became the national youth director for her mom’s organization, and when they drove across the nation to film the winners of the 9-17 We the People Contest (6200 ,miles with a lot of people piled in a very small RV with the refrigerator door falling off!) they discovered that indeed the kids of Juliette’s generation were woefully ignorant of the constitution and our nation’s founding documents.
Juliette saw the need to create a tool that kids could relate to and understand to help them gain the knowledge that  they were lacking.  She makes the analogy between America and a car…”America’s fuel is its knowledge of the constitution and its sense of patriotism. If the people don’t know about their constitution and lose their sense of patriotism, they can’t move forward.”
It is her heart’s desire to help others refuel their sense of patriotism, regain the power of knowledge and prevent the further loss of freedom.  “If people are ignorant of the constitution, they won’t recognize when their freedom is being taken away!”
Please join me in my discussion with Juliette!
Why are so many people ignorant about the constitution and what it contains? Where did the informational breakdown occur?  Schools are so busy trying to teach so many subjects that it is impossible for them to cover the full length and breadth of the Constitution.  So it falls to the parents and family to teach the children.  One step in that direction would be to read my book together as a family and discuss what is contains.
What is your favorite article on the Constitution? Why?  The Amendment process is so important, because it gives the people a voice in their own founding document.  Our government is founded on that freedom.
Why is important to understand our British roots?  It is important to understand that our founding fathers wanted to prevent the same lack of freedom under a monarchy in our new United States. For example, if a British citizen invented something, the king could and would take credit for the invention.  Our founding fathers wanted to preserve freedom and understanding their British roots helps us understand what they didn’t want to happen in America.
How do you feel God can use your book to bring revival our nation?  I always pray that God will use my words and actions to serve Him, and I want to serve God with this book. He has been very present in the creation of the Constitution and I think His desire is to not only preserve our constitution but to preserve our country.  America is a great nation because it brings hope to other nations.  I think God wants to preserve that in our country.
Okay, I have to ask, how did you get an endorsement from Laura Bush for the cover of your book?  I have met President and First Lady Bush when my mom served on the President’s Counsel of Service and Civic Participation under the Bush administration. Her endorsement was a huge blessing!
Who designed the layout of the book? While I was working on the essays for my mom’s foundation, I noticed a lot of unique facts that I thought would engage my generation. So I divided each section into clear, concise statements in words that my generation could relate to and engage with. I think the ultimate question that my generation need to have answered is, “Why should I care?”  I want them to understand and care about the constitution and understand that it is a non-partisan document. I want them to understand that they need a growing knowledge of the constitution. 
What gave you the idea to seek publication for this book?  I’ve always loved writing and I watched the process my mom went through to have her book published (Holding Her Head High: 12 Single Mothers Who Championed Their Children and Changed History).  I learned a lot about the process from her, and knew what I had to do to submit my work.
Any closing words of encouragement you’d like to share? The Constitution is a non-partisan document.  Again, I make the analogy with a car: You wouldn’t drive unless you had gained knowledge from a car’s handbook and learned how to operate it. So the constitution is our handbook that makes it possible to drive our car – America.
Go HERE to learn more about this fabulous book!!

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