Thursday, August 9, 2012

God Knows Your Name by Catherine Campbell - Reviewed

About the Book: (from Kregel Publishing)
Contemporary and biblical stories offer hope to those struggling with rejection . For many people the idea that God likes us as individuals, just as we are, is often an unfamiliar concept, while rejection--by a partner, one's parents, an employer, or friends--is a fact of life.

This book encourages readers to embrace the truth of a personal God with whom we do not need to struggle to gain recognition, a God who intervenes and acts on our behalf, a God who knows our names!

Each of the six chapters contains two stories dealing with situations of rejection. The first story concerns an individual from the Bible, explaining how God stepped in to change his or her situation, thus revealing how important the individual was to him.

The second, connecting story tells of a present day individual in similar circumstances and how God again positively intervened. These are true stories, using carefully researched material for authenticity and accuracy, and told with remarkable power and conviction.

My Thoughts:
Oh. My. If you get any chance at all, please pick up a copy of Catherine Campbell’s book, God Knows Your Name! If you want to be encouraged, the modern stories of God’s goodness and grace – woven between chapters that bring Bible stories to light in a whole new way – will touch you deeply! Catherine Campbell takes the truth at the heart of familiar Bible Stories and plants that same truth in the heart of her reader with a modern day story that echoes the Bible truth. I was not only able to look at the Scripture with a new understanding, but the modern day stories really made me pause and give thanks for all that God is doing in my life and how faithful He is to transform lives all around the globe!

God’s healing and transforming power doesn’t always mean a deliverance from hardships or trying circumstances, as Campbell’s stories illustrate. But what God does in the hearts of those who call on Him as their Lord and Savior - - He transforms their heart and gives them grace to walk through their circumstances with joy that only He can give. There are sad stories, there are joyful , exciting stories of healing, there are thoughtful stories of changed hearts that go on to change a community.

Oh dear reader! This is a treasure of encouragement! A real, honest-to-goodness treasure! I am SO THANKFUL that God Knows My Name and is working in my heart even this very day!! What a mighty God we serve indeed!!

About the Author:
Catherine is a former nurse, and has written for the Nursing Standard as well as Women Alive, Parentwise and (currently) Rejoice Always. She is author of God Knows Your Name.

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Catherine Campbell said...

Thank you Kim for reading my book 'God Knows Your Name'. Your review was very encouraging and I particularly liked your response to the book in your words:"how faithful God is to transform lives all around the globe." And if I could be so bold as to add..."and across the centuries!" Thanks for adding the link to my website... visitors always welcome! Bless you, Catherine