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A View from Lysa Terkerust's Window - UNGLUED

It was a huge blessing to sit down with Lysa Terkeurst in Orlando and discuss her new book, Unglued: Making Wise Choices in the Midst of Raw Emotions. I felt this was an important book as I read it, but after hearing Lysa's heart on the development of this book, I am convinced that everyone would experience growth and healing if they would take the time to lay their hearts before the Father and be honest about their reactions to life and the events and pressures that are part of daily living. God really wants us to live an abundant life in Christ, and sometimes, we are our own worst enemy!

Join me as I discuss Unglued with Lysa!

Where did you find inspiration to write this book?  I had just finished  Made To Crave: what goes into my mouth and the Lord directed my to examine what ultimately became Unglued….what comes out of my mouth.  There were not written in a sequence but God designed them to work together.  I’ve seen a lot of information on emotions: women’s emotions:  stress, ect.. and there are two things I want to add to the discussion: 1) a focus on reaction in the moment when we decide if we are going to react Christlike or not 2) there is value in making imperfect progress.  

There are a lot of things in the Christian market that say to us:  Do a, b and c and you will fix your problem.  When you are dealing with emotions, it’s a bit like trying to nail jello to the wall…it’s not a 1,2,3 fix. I want to be gut-honest.  If we can only improve 10% or 20% we will improve our relationships by that much- that’s fantastic!    

What other things have you learned in the journey of writing this book?  Don’t miss this chance to rejoice!  If we pause in the moment and add an element of Thanksgiving it make a lot of difference in our reactions.  I think there is Biblical example to follow…Daniel was praying open prayers of thanksgiving when he was arrested…Jonah prayed prayers of Thanksgiving in the belly of the fish…Jehosephat sent people before his army sending  songs of thanksgiving unto the Lord and won the battle without having to raise a sword!  There is power in the Lord when we stop in the moment to offer thanksgiving to the Lord in the midst of our circumstance - not because the circumstances changed or ended and not because the circumstances were pleasant …but in the midst of the circumstance!  Phillipians 4:16 

Is there a way we can learn to practice godly reactions?  Things that help people look at things clearly and in order?

 I’m a mom to 5 and I have learned I cannot hang my identity in Christ on the fragile choices of my children.  Balance is elusive on a day to day basis, so I’ve learned to categorize my choices. 

1)Keep Jesus at the center of it all

2) What are the tasks that I can FULLY delegate?  (older children can do their own laundry) (assistants can answer email)

3) What are tasks that I can delegate with supervision (assistants can turn bog post into a devotional)

4) What tasks are those that only I can do : Stopping in the moment and asking God what He wants you to do (example: write article for Focus on the Family or keep a movie date with my daughter..) Only I can be a mom to my children and love my children as a mom 

If we don’t stop to ask God what He wants us to do and make decisions based on emotions in the moment, the cycle pulls us further from God and further into the madness of this cycle and causes us to get further behind…further stressed and make other gut reactions that keep the cycle spiraling downward and away from God. 

What do you hope readers will take away from your book, Unglued? 

I hope my book can help others not to go the extreme of stuffing emotions or exploding emotions…and stay centered on soul integrity (defined in your book on p52) :  “Soul Integrity is honest that’s godly.  It brings the passion of the exploder and the peacemaking of the stuffer under the authority of Jesus where honesty and godliness embrace the balance of each other.” 

We change our reactions based on the type of relationship we are reacting to:  I’ll react differently to something you may do because we don’t have a shared history, and react very differently  to my mother when she does the exact same thing because we have years of accumulated history. 

When we can’t keep our emotions/reaction in line with godly principles we have unglued moments that indicate that something is wrong and needs to be addressed. 

What words of encouragement would you like to leave with your readers?

Progress is possible if we are brave enough to look at the reactions we are having and examine them before God. We must be honest and realize that my reactions have a direct impact on all of my relationships.  If I want to measure how effective my life is going to be, I have to look not only at my carefully planned actions but my in-the- moment reactions!  What happens to me in that moment matters, because it determines what kind of influence I’m going to have in other people’s lives and on the important relationships I have in my life.

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