Monday, December 15, 2008

Living Rich for Less by Ellie Kay - GIVE AWAY!

I’ve never been one to read a lot of self-help material. However, when I was given the opportunity to investigate smarter ways to give, spend and save – well, I couldn’t pass this by! Ellie Kay is very well-known and respected in the money management field. She has published several books, the most recent sporting the title Living Rich for Less. I would be less than honest if I didn’t tell you up front that I was a bit intimidated by Ellie Kay’s wealth of information and her successes that can be attributed solely to her wise financial decisions. I’m also honest enough to say that I’m a long way from financial security and I think I can learn a great deal from the insight and guidance offered in her latest book.

Living Rich for Less is written in a very personable and appealing format. Ellie Kay uses practical, common-sense methods to approach every imaginable area of financial management ranging from saving on your grocery bill to saving for college. I was super impressed that while her book isn’t necessarily scriptural in its references, Ellie Kay is open about her faith and her commitment to tithing evidenced that fact. The basis of her financial planning is giving! Truly, this is a lady who understands the true meaning of living rich!

This book includes some great statistics, worksheets and tables that will allow the reader to identify problem areas and start from where they are and begin working to pay down consumer debt and start saving for the future. Ellie Kay also places emphasis on spending time with family, recognizing that children are a family’s priceless riches, and the realizing that the time you spend building memories is free and invaluable. In short, this lady has a fabulous grip on common sense and is gifted enough to share her knowledge with others in a way that is easily understood and meaningful. For that, I am deeply grateful!

I’m also thankful that my parents taught me many of the financial principles contained in this book. While I am not financially secure, I do practice many of the savings methods that allow me to live much richer and freer than my meager income. So while some sections of this book do intimidate me a little, other sections provide blessed confirmation that I’m not totally hopeless in the area of finances!

I would highly recommend Living Rich for Less to everyone, but especially those who want to gain peace in this turbulent financial climate. Pick up a copy here today, and begin learning how to Live Rich for Less!

I have an extra copy of this terrific book to share, so please leave your name and contact information to be entered for a FREE copy of this book!!


Julie said...

I'm always looking for new ways to live on less and would love to read this book. Thanks for a great giveway!

Symon said...

Hi there. I've heard that 'Rora' is a lot different from the rest of Huggin's books... Would you recommend it? Thanks.

kalea_kane said...

I would love an opportunity to win this book. Ellie Kay is inspiring!

Thanks for a chance to help us help ourselves. :)


Kim said...

Symon -
"Rora" is the most phenomenal book I've EVER read!! It is life-changing! Very different from most of Huggins work, but my absolute FAVORITE book!! I've read it several times!


Kim said...

Kalea, you are the winner of this book! Please send your snail mail address and I'll get this in the mail next week!