Friday, December 19, 2008

Girls N Grace by Pam Davis - TWO TERRIFIC NEW BOOKS!

Sydney Clair – A Girl ‘n Grace in the 1960’s - Book 2 in Sydney's story!

Not long ago I introduced Pam Davis’ Girls ‘N Grace books. I am very pleased to be able to share the second Sydney Clair book with you today! In this story, Sydney Clair is feeling a bit blue for no apparent reason. As she and her friends are cloud watching, a rainbow appears – along with a cute dog full of mischief! Sydney knows the story of the rainbow as God’s promise never to flood the earth again, but does this rainbow promise something different?

Sydney Clair and her friends begin working together on a plan to allow Sydney to become a pet owner. Their adventures are both realistic and hilarious! When Sydney’s Dad observes her efforts, he decides to shower a bit of grace upon her life. His decision becomes the catalyst in Sydney’s life that leads her to discover what grace means in a very personal way!

So join Sydney Clair and her family again. You’ll learn a bit about culture in the 1960’s along the way, and you’ll also understand more fully how our decisions often affect the lives of those around us. You’ll also learn how a mischievous little puppy becomes a grace-filled lesson for Sydney Clair and her entire family!

Mesi’s Season of Change - Book 2 in Mesi's story!

Mesi is a young African girl who is trying to grow in her new faith and understand God’s grace more fully. Season of Change is the second book in Mesi’s story, and this time she finds herself on the fringe of a tribal conflict! When the tribal fishing boat turns up missing, the tribal council naturally blames their enemy tribe. Mesi has never known her village to be involved in war of any kind, so she tries very hard to learn all she can about what is taking place around her.

In the meanwhile, she discovers an injured boy during her trip to the river to do laundry. As it turns out, the young man belongs to the tribe accused of stealing the boat. Mesi must decide whether to reveal his presence to the village elders or keep him safely hidden until he can get well enough to travel home again.

The story that unfolds in Mesi’s village is truly a beautiful picture of God’s grace in the lives of His children. The story also teaches a wonderful lesson about sharing and showing God’s grace to those around us. I really loved this story, and I can see quickly that there will be many teaching moments along the way as the story unfolds!

Pam Davis has truly created a precious series of books! Girls ‘N Grace even has its own website and character dolls! Please visit the site today and learn all about this fantastic series of books!

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