Thursday, December 11, 2008

City of the Dead by T.L. Higley

“Order exists. It is in the math. It is I the stars. It is even in the music. Order and, therefore, truth and justice are chiseled into the bedrock of the earth.” ( p. 356)

They began as eight and now only four remain. Who will be next? The past holds a secret that has finally found light in the present. Grand Vizier to the Pharaoh, Hemiunu is building the grandest tombs in Egypt. Pyramids rise from the desert sand as eternal monoliths to the Pharaoh and his wife. Will any of the remaining four live long enough to see the completion of these monstrous tombs?

Truly, Tracy Higley has transported me back to a time and place that I’ve never been before! Egypt has come alive to me – its culture, its beauty and its mystery! Intricately woven into the tapestry of this ancient civilization is a secret shared by eight children – all but one have risen to the height of power in the Pharaoh’s court. What begins as shared grief rapidly escalates to misplaced blame and Hemiunu must make every effort to restore divine order to his universe before death claims him and sends him on his own westward journey.

Amid the murderous chaos in the Pharaoh’s kingdom, Hemiunu meets the lovely Neferet. Drawn to her peaceful beauty and seeking answers for the unsolved murders, Hemiunu learns of her association with the People of the One. Neferet is part of a growing number of people who worship the One Creator God and are waiting for the One Who Will Come and atone for their sins. The People of the One live in hope of redemption.

But can Hemiunu be redeemed? Will he uncover the identity of the killer before its too late? Tracy Higley has really come into her own with City of the Dead! You find yourself slack-jawed with shock as answers are revealed! Tracy keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire journey – building her plot stone by stone until her story stands in all its glory – complete and satisfying!! I cannot WAIT for the next novel in the Seven Wonder Series!!

City of the Dead is scheduled for release in March of 2009 from B&H Fiction. Please visit Tracy Higley’s website to learn more about this fabulous series! You will never look at historical fiction the same way again! This is an amazing series! Check it out!

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