Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Boomtown by Nowen N. Particular

Boomtown is probably one of the most cleverly entertaining books I have ever read!! The author’s name alone should give you a hint that things are going to be fun and unexpected. This entire book is filled with adventure, chaos and just plain old fashioned fun! It is a town you will want to visit and delight in! I know I did!

The story is told from the point of view of the father of the Button family. Mr. Button is the new pastor of the Boomtown church, and his life begins a rather exciting and sometimes nerve wracking series of changes from the moment he arrives! Actually, he doesn’t quite make it to town before things get a bit explosive! What the Button family discovers in Boomtown is a town filled with people who love unconditionally and truly exhibit friendship and support as every town should.

Now Boomtown is probably one of the quirkiest places on earth! You will laugh out loud at people’s names (the sheriff is Burton Ernie for pete’s sake!), the description of some of the characters is side-splitting, and the town museum is the most fabulous place on earth!! Mr. Nowen N. Particular doesn’t just stop at creating a delightful setting for his odd cast of characters though. He gently shows the Button family that fear is often a tool the enemy uses to keep us from enjoying life and all of its unexpected twists and turns.

By the end of the story, Reverend Button and all of his family have learned a great deal from the people of Boomtown, and the reader is left feeling very satisfied! Go ahead! Visit Boomtown! You are sure to be delighted!!

What I can tell you about the author:(from the publisher)

Marty Longé (aka Nowen N Particular) graduated from Pacific Christian College in Fullerton, CA receiving a BA in Preaching and Church Growth. He is an ordained minister who has served as the senior preaching pastor of three different congregations as well as helped in the planting of four churches over the past 25 years. He has enjoyed a special affinity for children and youth, leading numerous programs for which he has produced and written most of the curriculum and marketing materials. As a married father of four children (three adult married children and a 14-year-old daughter living at home), he has written funny stories for his kids and raised each of them to be voracious readers.

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