Wednesday, December 31, 2008

For These Tough Times by Max Lucado

Unlike many readers, I haven't had the opportunity to read a lot of Max Lucado's writing. However, I can say without reservation that the message he shares in his book, For These Tough Times, is both timely and powerful! Once again, God has sent a reminder of His promises for such a time as this! This small book contains a very large truth, and in plain words and vivid imagery Max Lucado clearly explains some of lif's most difficult questions!

Where is God? He's everywhere and in charge of everything, right? Remember that storm on the Sea of Galilee that scared the diciples so badly? (Mark Chapter 4) Listen to Max Lucado's concise summation: "The very storm that made the diciples panic made Him drowsy. What put fear in their eyes put Him to sleep. The boat was a boub to the followers and a cradle to Christ. How could He sleep through the storm? Simple - He was in charg of it." (p. 27) When believers understand how much God loves us and begin to keep our eyes firmly fixed on Him, we can have peace no matter what storms come our way!

And what about the question: "If God's in charge, why is there so much evil in the world?" Again, with simplicity and clarity generously doused with Scripture, Max Lucado explains one basic fact: "Satan has no pwer except that which God gives him." (p. 39) God uses Satan as a tool to accomplish His good purposes! Here are just a few things God uses him to accomplish: to refine the faithful (Paul, 2 Cor 12: 7-9), to awaken the sleeping - to draw people to Himself, and to teach the church! (Peter, 1 Corinthians 10:13)

This is one word picture that was a particular A-ha! moment for me: Lucado qotes Martin Luther as he speaks of Satan as a hoe in God's garden, "The hoe never cuts what the Gardener intends to save and never saves what the Gardener intends to weed." (p. 40)

I realize this review is getting too long, but let me tell you every word of Lucado's book is a gem! He Goes on to deal with revenge and its damage, with reverence and its rewards and with prayer and its power! Every word encourages and challenges the believer to lean fully on their Almighty Savior! I highly recommend this book! Go out today and purchas a copy for the New Year! Read it often! You will be so glad you did!

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