Thursday, June 30, 2016

Finding God in the Hard Times by Matt and Beth Redman - REVIEWED

About the Book:
On the Road Marked With Suffering . . . How Will You Respond?
Come rain or shine, hardship or ease, confusion or clarity, worship is always a choice. But what does it look like when worship meets suffering? How can God be good when it seems the world is collapsing around you?

In this inspiring book, Matt and Beth Redman draw on their experiences to explore how to offer praise even in the face of hardship and pain. Focusing on the psalms, they reveal how difficult or tragic circumstances, and the choices you make, can propel you toward God or away from him. Learn how to weather the storms of life with a cry of "blessed be your name" on your lips. 

Previously published as Blessed Be Your Name. Now includes end-of-chapter questions for personal reflection or group use.

My Thoughts:
So often the soil of our suffering will become  the fertile ground for out seasons of fruitfulness.”     (p. 63)

Matt and Beth Redman’s song, Blessed Be Your Name, serves as a foundational message upon which they have constructed a small bible study book that is PACKED with biblical truth!  Suffering is part of living on earth.  When man sinned in the garden, death and sin entered the world.  God allowed us to make choices within our lives here on earth, and regardless of how godly we choose to live, eventually, we will be effected by either the sinful choices of others or will experience loss brought about by death in some form or the other.  So, suffering becomes part of our journey, whether by choices or circumstance.

The Bible has much to say about how to worship and give praise to God regardless of any of those things, and these are the truths the Redman’s write about and encourage others to discover and cling  too when suffering comes their way. Using both personal experience and Biblical truths, the Redmans have  gifted believers with a powerful tool to bring deeper understanding  when trials of this life come and cause us to question God’s presence and purpose in it. 

The truth is, God promises to bring our good and His glory from any circumstances His children face, and this book is proof of that promise!  I highly recommend this powerful little book to all believers!

About the Authors:
MATT REDMAN is the writer of many songs including "The Heart of Worship," "Better Is One Day," "Let My Words Be Few," and "Blessed Be Your Name." Matt has been leading worship full time since age 20, and this journey has taken him to many countries around the world. As an author, he has written six books revolving around the central theme of worship, includingThe Unquenchable Worshipper and Facedown. Matt, his wife, Beth, and their five children reside in West Sussex, England. Learn more at

Beth Redman, together with her husband, Matt, has written popular songs "Let My Words Be Few" and "Facedown." Beth is the author of Soul Sister and Beautiful. Based in West Sussex, England, Matt, Beth, and their five children are part of St. Peters Church, planted out of HTB in London

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