Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Love Finds You in Valentine -an UP original movie - REVIEWED

Love Finds You inn Valentine is so much more than a romantic, happily-ever-after tale!  The entire premise of the story is about a lady, Kennedy Blaine, who has experienced loss over a life time. When told she has inherited her parents' legendary ranch in Valentine, she cannot sell her birthright without first giving it a look.

And so begins her journey of personal discovery. She immediately discovers the ranch foreman and his family - and a host of other folks - whose lives are invested in this ranch. This is far more than just a place to call home!  As Kennedy begins to delve deeper into the circumstances surrounding the sell of the ranch her heart becomes involved on many different levels.

Kennedy has to take a long, honest look at her own life and decide the direction she wants to go from this point forward.  This is a film about family, faith, and friendship that will leave a lasting impression on your heart and mind!  You will stay engaged from start to finish and will be well satisfied when the credits begin to roll!

Make time to see this film!  It is exceptional on many levels!!

A Brief Synopsis:
In Love Finds You In Valentine, law student Kennedy Blaine (Michaela McManus) inherits a ranch in the smalltown of Valentine, Nebraska. She travels to Valentine with the intentof selling the ranch, but is drawn to the area’s beauty – and to the ranch foreman, Derek Sterling (Diogo Morgado).  Putting her life in L.A. on hold, she decides to spend some time ather ancestral home and, despite a long-standing feud, to reconnect with family members, including her grandfather, Gabriel Morgan (Ed Asner). But soon Kennedy is subjected to harassment by someone who clearly wants her to leave Valentine. Depending on Derek and his mother June’s (Lindsay Wagner) assistance, she sets out to discover who is behind the offenses.  But when her search reveals painful details about her family and raises questions about Derek’s own past, will Kennedy still want to know the truth?

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