Monday, February 22, 2016

Always Watching by Lynette Eason - REVIEWED

About the Book:
Intensity. Skill. Tenacity. 
The bodyguards of Elite Guardians Agency have it all.

When it becomes clear that popular psychiatrist and radio personality Wade Savage has a stalker, his father secretly hires Elite Guardians to protect his son. But when Wade's bodyguard is attacked and nearly killed, agency owner Olivia Edwards must step in and fill the gap. 

Olivia's skills are about to be tested to the limit as Wade's stalker moves from leaving innocent gifts at his door to threatening those closest to him--including Olivia. But in her mind, even more dangerous than the threats to her life is the hold her handsome client has on her heart.

My Thoughts:
This whole situation seemed to be snowballing at a rate that would bury them all under an avalanche of danger if he didn’t do something to figure out who was stalking him and put a stop to it.”  (p. 48)

Wade Savage has good intentions to protect his family against the evil that has come against them.  He was initially  angry when he discovered that his father had hired body guards to protect him from escalating behavior aimed at his life from among his radio audience members, but, in the end, he discovers that much more than his life has been preserved. 

I’ve always been a huge fan of Lynette Eason’s work, but I honestly think she has taken her writing to an entirely new level of intrigue with her latest novel, Always Watching.  I FLEW through the pages of this novel, barely breathing at times, because every single page seemed to build the intensity of the story.  I thought there wasn’t any way to tell another stalker tale convincingly, but I was very wrong!!  Eason his the evil in plain sight and she didn’t try to protect anyone!  In fact, there are casualties in the story.  Even Wade’s thirteen-year-old daughter faces danger that makes your heart ache!  This is an excellent story!!!

I was left feeling a bit challenged – as was Wayne – when it came to trusting God to protect and provide.  There is evil that abounds, and, at the root of that evil, is a common seed that you will recognize.  I think that is what makes this a powerful story…the fact that the premise is very real and plausible.  It gives the reader pause to consider relationship with God and others in an entirely new way.

I HIGHLY recommend this novel for anyone who enjoys a thrill ride of suspense with a family/romance thread woven among the details.  Once again, I have to say, BRAVO!! This is a fantastic novel!!

About the Author:
Lynette Eason is the bestselling author of the Women of Justice, the Deadly Reunions, and the Hidden Identity series. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and Romance Writers of America. She lives in South Carolina. Learn more at

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