Monday, October 19, 2015

Mary-Kathryn - Wonders in the Deep - REVIEWED

My Thoughts:
And I see You where I am
And I know You are with me
I don’t have to fear
No, I don’t have to fear
You’re with me  - - - You’re With Me – chorus

Mary-Kathryn’s Wonders in the Deep, is an exotic blend of acoustic melodies, electronic undertones and haunting melodies.  Her voice is strong and compelling and can weave a melody around your heart like few others I’ve ever listened to.  She uses phrases of Scripture in many songs on this album, and that, to me, makes it even more powerful and compelling.  You actually worship to Scripture – are bathed in its truth while you listen.

This is a worship album like none I’ve ever experienced.  It is unique and beautiful.  It’s different…not a cookie-cutter praise and worship album that mirrors popular song on the local Christian radio stations.  If you want something powerful and unique, pick up or download your copy of Mary-Kathryn’s Wonders in the Deep!  You are in for quite a treat!

From the Publicist:
On her fifth album, Wonders in the Deep, Mary-Kathryn blends elements of soft pop, New Age and folk with world music influences as diverse as the continents to create a spiritual amalgam that transcends musical boundaries. Delving deep into the world music realm, Mary-Kathryn paints word pictures on an aural canvas with exotic instrumentation, adroit production, and lyrics that stir the spirit and excite the imagination. But as one Billboard Magazine reviewer so aptly put it, “the most affecting instrument…is Mary-Kathryn’s lovely voice.”

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