Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Love Casts Out Fear by Brother Nathan with Davie Culross - REVIEWED

About the Book:
A true story of forgiveness and God's incredible provision
As a boy in Egypt, Brother Nathan witnessed an unthinkable attack on his father, a Christian pastor in a majority-Muslim country. After the attack Nathan sought revenge and vowed to avenge his father. As a man, by God's incredible provision, Nathan ministers in the village where his father was targeted, as well as in countless other cities and villages across Egypt and throughout the Middle East.

Love Casts Out Fear tells a gripping true story of danger, overwhelming anger, and forgiveness that's beyond comprehension. Through Nathan's experiences in Egypt, his beloved homeland, you'll see firsthand the joys and difficulties Christians face in the persecuted church in the Middle East. And you'll marvel at God's ability to care for those who follow his call and to change hearts in one of the most dangerous places in the world to claim Christ as Lord.

My Thoughts:
And there is one final truth that I believe today more than ever; God’s only Son Jesus is he answer for everything we face – both for today and for all of our tomorrows.  He will always be the answer….”   (p. 189)

I don’t know how many Christ followers reach the freedom from fear that love overcomes in this lifetime.  Brother Nathan has lived and still lives in one of the most dangerous places on the planet to practice the life of a Christian.  He doesn’t just work and take care of his family and call himself a Christian, he preaches and teaches others without fear even though doing so may cost him his life at any moment.  In fact, he has witnessed the death of a loved one – slaughtered in the street – for doing exactly what he is doing today.

That is the power of love and forgiveness.  Sometimes I wonder why we (I include myself in this) as believers in the greatest country on earth, stumble in our faith so much of our lives.  Why do we allow fear to control our faith – our daily walk with Christ?  This book is a resounding reminder that we are called to do so much more in our lifetimes!!  We settle for far less because of fear and forgiveness!

Don’t settle!  Allow the message in Brother Nathan’s story settle in your heart and challenge you to do and be more than you ever imagined you could be in your walk with Christ!!

About the Author:

Brother Nathan is a Christian leader currently working in Egypt, where Christians are a small minority and face difficult and challenging situations on a daily basis. He graduated from university as a veterinary surgeon, but followed the call of God he felt on his life by leaving his job in 1986 to study at New Life Bible School in New Zealand. Upon completion of his studies, he returned to Egypt to begin his ministry. He and his wife have three children.

David Culross 
has been involved in various ministries for over forty years, including church music ministry and sacred and symphonic music publication. His global mission work has taken him to more than sixty countries around the world. His up close and personal encounters with Christians all over the world give him unique insight into the persecuted church. He currently lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with his wife, Sharon.

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