Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Ties That Bind Premieres Wednesday, August 12th! 9pm EST - My Review of the Premiere

About the series:
Allison McLean (Kelli Williams) is a tough and experienced police detective in suburban Seattle. Like most working women, her hands are already full, balancing a demanding and dangerous job and a family — husband Matt (Jonathan Scarfe), and teenagers Jeff (Mitchell Kummen) and Rachel (Natasha Calis). But when she and her partner, Devin (Dion Johnstone), must arrest her brother, Tim (Luke Perry), for aggravated assault, her world drastically changes as Tim is convicted and sent to prison leaving his two teenagers Cameron (Rhys Matthew Bond) and Mariah (Matreya Scarrwener) teetering on the brink of foster care.
Having done the right thing as an officer of the law, Allison now feels compelled to do the right thing as a sister and aunt; she brings Tim’s two very unhappy teens into her home. Squeezing four teenagers under one roof proves to be an additional test of Allison’s strength and patience. It won’t be easy for her husband, her children or Tim’s kids either.
In addition to investigating local crimes, the UP Original Series “Ties That Bind” will also focus on the joys and struggles of the teens as they adjust to their new home, their new high school, make new friends and experience love, romance, anger and jealousy.
My Thoughts:
I’m fine,” and “It won’t be easy but it will be right,” are signature lines for Detective Allison McLean in UP tv’s new series, Ties That Bind.   I understand the havoc that is wrecked on families because of addiction after the time I spent volunteering at a local rehab center.  The main character in this series, Allison, sees it from both sides – as a police detective and as a family member taking in her brother’s two teen children.  It is NOT pretty!

This is a realistic look into the challenges faced by families in the 21st century.  It’s not so fictionalized as you might think!  The premiere promises to be both emotionally rewarding and very difficult.  The characters of Cameron and Moriah – the children of a mother in rehab and a father sent to jail for aggravated assault – are realistically portrayed and virtually ooze anger and rebellion.  Rachel and Jeff – the McLean children – are also realistic in their response to the unwelcome invasion of these disruptive and rebellious kids.

Allison and her husband Matt are also realistically displayed in their desire to do the right thing – but at what cost?  Their marriage takes a hit in this first episode, and I’m sure it's one of many to come.  The writers of this series don’t paint a rosy picture.  They delve head-first into the challenges of stepping up to be there for your family….and the cost that is involved in all areas of life!  Allison and Matt have a strong marriage that has already weathered storms, and by first appearances, have the strength to survive the latest challenge.

I think this will be a thought-provoking and challenging series that will offer many opportunities for honest discussions within families facing similar circumstances as well as for those impacted peripherally by similar family dynamics. 
It’s a great start to a series that promises many twists and turns as well as a means for growth and maturity to take place.  I am happy to recommend this to viewers! 

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