Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Cheri Keaggy - No Longer My Own - REVIEWED!

Dove Award-winning singer/songwriter Cheri Keaggy released her ninth album, No Longer My Own, which she also produced, on Friday, August 7, 2015 from Psalm 91 Records and Elevate Entertainment.
"I gave a copy of No Longer My Own to my Dad," muses Keaggy. "After he had a chance to give it a good listen, he called me. Through broken-up tears, he said, 'You wouldn't have been able to write these songs if you hadn't gone through the things you've been through.' He went on to say, 'This is your best one yet.' It touched me that it moved him so deeply."
Keaggy believes this project might be her most bold recording to date.
"I have often referred to my last album, So I Can Tell, as my beauty-from-ashes project or my bleeding heart album," she confesses. "But, the Lord heals. And this album feels a little more broad. Brokenness humbles you and makes you more sensitive to the world around you and, perhaps, even more in tune with the Father's heart. It was a stretch, both spiritually and emotionally, and I stretched myself vocally too, going for notes I might have been too timid to reach before."  
Donning the producer's hat, Keaggy employed the talents of some of Nashville's top musicians, skillfully steering the project's instrumentation and her own trademark velvety vocals toward the pop and gospel genres. The result is a cohesive collection of Christ-focused songs that exude a sense of deep felt conviction and, ultimately, surrender.
No Longer My Own seeks to embolden fellow sojourners of the faith to live more fearlessly for Christ. Perhaps that sentiment is best expressed in the album's title cut, a song inspired by the "Covenant Prayer" popularized by John Wesley.  
My Thoughts:
I think the first verse of the first song on this album encapsulates all that God has poured into Cheri’s heart through the recording of this amazing album!

From Overcome:
What would You have me to write?
What would you have me to tell the world?
What could I possibly say?
How could I possibly change the way things are?
With so many hurting
Ominous evil and darkness is lurking
Where is the good in the world anymore, Lord?
Tell them I AM here
I AM watching it all
Please don’t fear
Don’t you know that I have overcome?

This entire project is filled with the truth that is born out of a life that has walked through brokenness and found healing in Christ alone.  Scriptural truth bathes this entire album, and the music highlights Cheri’s phenomenal vocal talent!  If you want to be blessed and encouraged pick up your copy today!  It is an amazing project!!

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