Thursday, June 18, 2015

Your Sacred Yes by Susie Larson - REVIEWED

About the Book:
Are you worn out from life's ought-to's and should-do's?It's so easy to give away our time to things un-appointed by God. We commit to something because it's a good cause or there's a great need. Or maybe because no one else will help out. The result? The days blur together and we find ourselves overworked and underjoyed, desperate for a faith awakening.

In this practical and liberating book, Susie shares biblical ways to:

· Learn how--and when--to say no without guilt or shame
· Find a pace and perspective that matches God's best for you
· Discern man-made obligations from God-given invitations

Will you say yes to the One who will rejuvenate your soul?

My Thoughts:
If we dare to assess our souls, can we honestly say that most of our yeses reveal that we know we are hears of God?  Or do our yeses make us look like the rest of the lost world?” (p. 136)

This is the heart of Susie Larson’s book, Your Sacred Yes.  In this book, Larson explores the heart of the reasons behind our frantic, exhausting lives.  We have lost the ability to rest in our relationship with God the Father through our relationship with Jesus, and we can’t hear the Holy Spirit whisper to us in the quiet of our soul.  We substitute many things for God’s best for us, and then we wonder why we live such exhausting, unfulfilled lives. 

Susie Larson has explored every avenue in God’s word in pursuit of the answers to the questions above.  She has arranged the book in such a way that it would serve as a great small group curriculum as well as a personal time alone with God.  If you take the time to answer the questions at the end of each chapter, you will undergo a deep, personal self-examination of your faith.  You will be able to discern areas of needed growth and sometimes struggle. 

The entire scope of this book is meant to bring you to a place of rest and restoration in your relationship with God through Jesus.  This book, like others in my journey, has been a God-appointment in my life!  The prayers in the book have touched me deeply, and I’ve prayed them aloud as I ask God to search my heart.  By far and away my favorite part of the book is the Faith Declaration at the end of each chapter.  I read it aloud time and time again.  What a blessing!

This book has changed my life and I’m sure will change the lives of many others!  What a blessing!

About the Author:
Susie Larson is a radio host, author and national speaker. She hosts her own daily live talk show, Live the Promise with Susie Larson, which airs across the Upper Midwest and in several other locations around the country. Active in local ministry, she is the author of Your Beautiful PurposeBlessings for the Morning, and eight other books. Susie and her husband, Kevin, have three adult sons and live near Minneapolis, Minnesota. Learn more at

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