Tuesday, June 30, 2015

No Fear In Love by Andy Braner - REVIEWED

About the Book:
How to love fearlessly--even when we disagree
In an age when we are as connected as we are contentious, an astounding number of religious, cultural, and political polarities do more to divide us than unite us. In fact, Christians are getting the reputation of being "against" just about everything. But is this the best way to bear witness to the love of God before an unbelieving world? Or does it simply serve to push others further and further away from the life-giving power of Jesus?

Perhaps it is time to trade condemnation for compassion.

Story-driven and biblically based, No Fear in Love challenges us to love others the way God loves us--unconditionally, brokenness and all--and to trust that God is truly in control.

My Thoughts:
You see, I’ve become a man not afraid.  I believe the power of the gospel is in the man Jesus.  We may spend a great amount of time working over the processes by which God works on the planet today, but if we just boil it all down to a few simple steps, it’s amazing to watch God work.”  (p. 143)

WOW!  What else can I possibly say?  Andy Braner has written a book that is going to cause a wave of conversation – perhaps and probably some blistering condemnation – about a topic than no believer should ever find questionable or controversial.  Loving other the way God loves us should be simple, right?  Well, when entire religious practices have been built upon fear of others who see the world through a different lens, then it does indeed become not only difficult, but in most instances impossible to genuinely love others.

Andy Braner attended Christian high school…Christian college…seminary….and has established a non-profit for young adults that is changing lives…and he is taking an honest look at what it should look like to love others the way Jesus loved us while He walked the earth in ministry.  No one can say he lacks knowledge, or experience, compassion or wisdom.  In fact, he is very frank in acknowledging that many will probably accuse him of being Universalist.  He is anything BUT!!!

He is a man that is deeply in love with his Savior, and rests completely in the Savior’s love for him.  It is from this place that he CAN love others and have open dialogues with people of different faiths and world views, and when he talks with them, they comment that no one has ever been open to talk with them and allow questions and dialogue that is done in love and without condemnation.

In short, all believers can learn A LOT from Andy Braner’s book, No Fear In Love.  This is a very concise look at a subject that many believers refuse to look at.  And that is what fear looks like.  And fear is not of God. 

Read this prayerfully and with a heart open to hear God’s voice.  He will speak. Your life will be transformed!

About the Author:
Andy Braner is the founder of Ahava Ministries, a nonprofit youth ministry that teaches teens and college students to think about the world through a Jesus paradigm. A popular blogger, he speaks to over 100,000 students, parents, and teachers every year at church, conferences, and personal tours. He has appeared on CBN, FoxNews, and various other media outlets, and lives in Colorado.

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