Friday, May 29, 2015

Take My Hand Again by Nancy Parker Brummett - REVIEWED - HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

About the Book:
The guide the author wishes she had when she took on a caretaker role 

By 2020, the senior population in this country will number over 115 million. Despite this persistent "graying" of America, few adult children feel prepared to take on the role of caregiver for aging parents. Those who discover they must now intervene and care for an elder they love are often at a loss. Trying to navigate the transition is like being dropped in a foreign country with no map, no GPS, and no translator--and acting as tour guide. 

Nancy Parker Brummett knows what they're going through and has the means to help. She shares her own experience of caring for a mother and mother-in-law in assisted living, as well as lessons learned through study of the academic, social, and political issues involved. Each chapter begins with relevant Scripture, but the useful information here is not limited to people of faith. 

Take My Hand Again offers readers the warm feeling of having someone they trust stepping up to hold their hand and share encouragement and hope. Children of the aging don't need a degree in gerontology; they just need for someone to ask the pertinent questions and give them an overview of the pros and cons of common options so they can make informed decisions. Whether they've already had their wake-up call or just want to be prepared for what's to come, Brummett's sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant book has just what they're looking for. 

My Thoughts:
God placed us in families for a reason….Put your hand firmly in His.  Be open to advice from others.  Seek out helpful resources such as this, and soon the fog will dissipate to reveal the path ahead.” (p. 14)

Take My Had Again is a MUST READ for anyone facing the stage of life that includes caring for aging parents.  This book is running over with practical, godly wisdom about every single stage of aging!  Suggestions for information, questions to ask, conversations to have with parents, doctors, siblings and friends….even suggestions of sharing your faith with your parents and allowing them to share theirs if they are believers.

Nancy Brummett doesn’t miss a single detail!  She even covers details most of us don’t think about, like how to decorate your parent’s room in an assisted living facility, and how to care for your parents appearance…I mean she doesn’t miss a thing!  ( and little known facts about senior sexuality – who knew?)  And all of the book is written in an almost conversational, almost intimate style that feels like you just had a visit with a trusted friend!

I have aging parents, and I have three siblings who I plan to share this book with!  I have been blessed with parents who cared for my grandparents for many years.  They served their parents with humble dignity, and it is my prayer that God will allow me to care for them that same way.  Take My Hand Again is a tool God has used to prepare me for that role.  I am deeply, deeply grateful!! 

I cannot begin to recommend this book highly enough!!  It is truly a TREASURE TROVE of wisdom!! 

About the Author:
Nancy Parker Brummett is an author and speaker who has focused on ministries to the older population and those who care for them for several years. She holds a professional certificate in gerontology and was the founding president of the board of directors for Ronald McDonald House Charities of Southern Colorado. The author of The Hope of Glory, a devotional for use in assisted-living settings, Brummet frequently speaks to community organizations, women's groups, and conferences. Visit her website at

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