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Six-song EP, Produced by Grammy and Dove Award Nominee Billy Smiley, Follows on                        Heels of Dynamic Radio Single, 'Hands in the Air'

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (April 28, 2015) - Dynamic new rock band Above The Fall is celebrating the release of their highly anticipated six-song debut EP, Rise & Fall. The project, which released today from Cul de Sac Records and is distributed by Elevate Entertainment, follows closely on the heels of the band's first radio single, "Hands in the Air," which recently went for adds at Christian CHR
radio stations across the country.
Known for their energetic and creative live shows, the New Jersey-based band (led by Jesse Fryson on lead vocals and guitar wizard Zach MacGorman) called on Grammy and Dove Award nominee, producer Billy Smiley, to help capture that energy on their debut EP. The result is a six-song power pop/rock confection that will dare listeners to stay in their seats.
The project kicks off with the rambunctious radio single, "Hands in the Air," then cranks up the intensity even more on the decidedly rock anthem, "Brace for Impact." The band pulls back for a more intimate and introspective tune with "Best of Me," but jumps back to their rock 'n' roll roots on "Moving On." The title track "Rise and Fall" segues effortlessly into the EP's closer, "Another Yesterday," displaying the band's ability to move from plaintive, confessional worship music to a peace-evoking acoustic ballad.
Whether rocking the house or pulling back for more intimate musical moments, Above the Fall gives fans a reason to celebrate by infusing their debut EP with the same dynamic energy that fuels their live shows.
For more information about Above The Fall and Rise & Fall, visit
About Above The Fall:
Above The Fall was birthed from the collaboration of Jesse Fryson and Zach MacGorman. Based in Toms River, New Jersey, the band plays music that is undeniably Rock and unashamedly Christian. For more information about Above The Fall and
Rise & Fall, visit
My Thoughts:
"Throw you Hands In the Air, and don't let life got the best of you.  You know someone's out there, who cares and who loves you.  So hold your head up high, if you really want to be free. It's your moment to shine.  It's time.  You've just got to believe."  (Hands In The Air chorus)
You can rock your socks off or worship to a ballad, and Above The Fall offers all of that and more on their debut EP Rise and Fall.  These guys love the Lord and they love His people.  Their message is one of hope, of rejoicing, of freedom  - most of it set to a classic rock sound that will revive your time of worship!
Stay tuned folks!  You will be hearing a lot more from these guys!!

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