Friday, April 3, 2015

A.D. The Bible Continues - REVIEW of the first episode - premiering April 5th on NBC!

My Thoughts:

Truth. What is truth?”

 So begins the new NBC series A.D. that premieres Sunday night, April 5th, at 9pm EST. I’ll admit to being skeptical, because many film versions of Jesus’ life concentrate solely on historical accuracy, but this film attempts to capture the spiritual significance of Christ’s ministry here on earth. The show doesn’t fail to capture the historical accuracy needed for this to be impactful to the world, and this gives the opening episode of this new series a powerful appeal.

 Just prior to the crucifixion, the role of Christ only speaks the words that the Bible reveals. The other characters draw very realistic and biblically accurate conclusions from all the events taking place. The disciples are portrayed in a very accurate and human way, and their spiritual insight is reflected deeply and faithfully. They remain faithful even when approached by the religious zealots to fight against the oppression of Rome. Their character development takes nothing away from their spiritual strength and faithfulness to Christ’s teachings.

 I know the resurrection itself is difficult to portray using any and all earthly effects. How can the power and glory of God be portrayed? The guards were as dead men, according to the Bible. That is powerful! The events at the tomb itself were only briefly portrayed, and were, in fact. the only hint of Hollywood drama. Not surprising, but it was effective enough to make the final moments of the show poignant and expectant for what life in Jerusalem will look like when a resurrected Christ walks among his followers again.

 I think this promises to be a very thought-provoking series! I hope that God uses this as a powerful evangelical tool to draw many to Him in salvation! Don't miss it!

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