Friday, February 27, 2015

Unbound by J.B. Simmons - REVIEWED

About the BookElijah Goldsmith has nightmares he needs to ignore. Why would a rich kid from Manhattan dream three straight nights about a dragon and the destruction of St. Peter’s Basilica? He’s never even been to Rome. 

It’s bad timing, too. He’s graduating soon and applying to be a spy in the International Security Agency. That’s where he meets Naomi. She’s the kind of girl who makes boys like Elijah want to share their secrets. Were they brought together to learn what his secrets mean? There’s more to their sparks than they think. 

This is 2066, the year the world ends.

My Thoughts:
“ Each one was like a door with a dream behind it.  I did not want to walk through any more doors like that.” (p. 285)

If I were Elijah Goldsmith, I think I’d pray to stay awake the rest of my life!  This guy has a really active dream life!  But I’m ahead of myself.  Unbound is a futuristic blend of real life, prophecy, and spiritual warfare that is complex and very entertaining!  Definitely action-packed, but built around very likable, believable characters.

I’ll be honest, I’m not sure I followed every plot twist exactly.  This particular genre is not my forte by any means.  But I was utterly fascinated.  The characters were younger than I expected, but their actions and reactions to all that happened to them seemed much more mature.  There is also a lot of secrecy and duplicity that I was unable to unravel.

It’s a good thing this is the first in a trilogy!  I have two more books to figure out who belongs to which side of the conflict!  This is a book that grabs you and doesn’t let go!  Be warned!  You may lose sleep.

About the Author:
J.B. Simmons writes thrillers with an apocalyptic twist, and political philosophy clothed in fantasy. His latest novel, Unbound, tells the story of a rich kid from Manhattan with nightmares of a dragon and the world ending in 2066.

J.B. lives outside Washington, DC, with his wife, two toddlers, and an intriguing day job. He writes before dawn and runs all day. 
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Thank you for the great review!

For those interested in Unbound, today would be a great day to get your copy. It's on a special 99-cents promotion for just one more day -

- J.B.