Monday, February 23, 2015

Lift the Flap Bible - Reviewed

About the Book:
What's under the flaps? Find out in this collection of eight very simple Bible stories in a large cased board book format. Each story is told across a double-page spread and there are flaps on every page. Bright, quirky illustrations full of wit and color from Louise Anglicas are perfect for this engaging introduction to Bible stories.

Stories are: Noah and the Ark, Moses and the Bulrushes, Daniel and the Lions, Jonah and the Great Fish, Born in a Stable, Boy with Loaves and Fishes, The Lost Sheep, and Man Lowered Through the Roof.

My Thoughts: 
Lift the Flap Bible has a target audience of 10+ months.  I think this will make a great teaching tool for parents who want to introduce their child to the Bible.  The stories selected are ones that highlight God’s power and love for His creation.  The flaps cover elemental parts of the story, and will not confuse any child.  Rather, what is uncovered will reveal a slightly more detailed truth. 

I was and remain a huge advocate of reading to infants from the womb and throughout every phase of their growth!  Lift the flap books were a key ingredient in the lives of my own children, and now, as adults, they are avid readers! 

The pictures and concepts in this book and clear, colorful and easy to grasp.  Each page will engage without overwhelming the child, and will leave opportunities for discussion for months as the child grows in understanding.  This book allows the parent to fulfill God’s command to raise children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.  This is a win-win book for both parents and children!

About the Author:
Karen Williamson worked as a London primary school teacher and publisher’s editor before launching a successful career as a full-time writer. With three children of her own, she specializes in Bible stories for young readers. 

About the Illustrator:
 Louise Anglicas holds a degree in Ceramics and Surface Design from Staffordshire University. Working as a designer, she was instrumental in securing the Harry Potter license for a local ceramic manufacturer! She applies her love of pattern and design to the world of children’s illustration. 

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