Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Answer To Our Cry by Rick McKinley - REVIEWED

About the Book:
We all long for freedom. Freedom from anxiety, fear, and sin. Freedom to love others completely as God loves us. And yet we are shackled by insecurity, prone to selfishness, and wary of letting down our guard. That's not the life God designed for his followers. When his people cry out to him for freedom, he hears--and responds.

Now pastor Rick McKinley shows how true freedom--the kind we see as God delivers his people in the Scriptures--is always in the form of relationship with God rather than our popular notion of complete independence. He calls us to look to the Father, Son, and Spirit for the model of perfect, self-giving freedom and shows how that kind of freedom can utterly transform us.

My Thoughts:
There is freedom when we’re sons and daughters of God.  This freedom invites us into a courageous life” (p. 143)

Freedom.  What exactly does freedom look like in the lives of Christ followers? Rick McKinley succinctly explores this topic in his book, The Answer To My Cry. He looks through the lens of Scripture, he clarifies common misunderstandings, he explores examples of this freedom – and the lack of freedom – in the lives of Biblical characters – all of this and much more in a power-packed 155 pages.

This won’t take you long to read, however, I’d make time to re-read passages frequently and often as you discover what this freedom – what this very intimate relationship with the Triune God can look like.  I wanted to experience this book, because it seems that The Lord is infusing every area of my life with this call to freedom.  I realized, while reading this book, that there are still areas where I need to surrender and take a fresh look at my relationship with the Father.  I tend to get hung up in my day to day and temporarily forget who I belong to.  Who I worship. Who I love. Whose child I am.

This book has served as both a comfort and a challenge to me.  This book can and will be a tool the Lord will use to draw others into this most profound freedom and deep relationship.  This is a MUST READ for all Believers!!

About the Author:
Rick McKinley (DMin, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary) is the founder and lead pastor of Imago Dei Community. He is the author of four other books and serves on the faculty of Multnomah Biblical Seminary. Rick lives in Portland, Oregon, with his wife and four children.

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