Monday, December 15, 2014

Need You Now: A Story of Hope by Plumb - REVIEWED

About the Book: (from the author's website)
NEED YOU NOW: A Story of Hope is the deeply personal, incredibly honest, and hugely encouraging new book by recording artist, songwriter, and performer PLUMB aka Tiffany Lee. Equal parts revealing memoir and inspirational literature, each chapter reveals a day in the life of a rock star, inviting you into Plumb's personal journey of embracing her life's passion of music and her very real, all-encompassing love for her family and community. Both laugh-out-loud funny and deeply moving, Need You Now is the story of beautiful and embarrassing moments on stage, the joys and trials of motherhood and unbridled forgiveness. It is the story of soul mates, best friends and a marriage redeemed. And more than anything, Need You Now is the story of Jesus' love, fresh starts and the relentless message that no matter who you are or what you have done...there is always HOPE. 

My Thoughts:
His power alone sustains me.  His power alone gives me hope.”  (Tiffany Lee – Plumb)

Plumb – a singer – now an author – transparently shares her story in her book, Need You Now: a story of hope.  Before I read this book, all I knew about Plumb was the fact that some of her songs played on my local radio station – songs that I enjoy.  To read her story has made her very real to me.  I feel like I just sat down and shared life story over a cup of coffee.  This story is an intimate look into Plumb’s life to date – from childhood and singing in church with her dad to her recently resurrected marriage.  She is who she is…and I honestly feel like I would have the same experience with her face to face as I did reading her book.  I was encouraged to look for hope, the hope the is found in Christ alone.

Plumb has a real – feet on the ground – faith.  She has walked through trials in both her career and her personal life that has led her to the place of complete surrender and commitment to Christ alone.  Out of that place she has found a resurrected life in every way imaginable.  She is a testament to God’s faithfulness, His goodness, His holiness, His mercy and grace. 

I won’t give away anything of her journey, but I will say this:  Her story intersected with my life at a point where I needed renewed hope.  And I found that hope, just as she did, in Christ alone.  I’m thankful that she has shared her story.  God will place this story into the lives of those that need to hear the encouragement she offers.  At the end of the book readers will find many helpful resources that will help them on their own life journey. 

Thank you, Tiffany, for sharing your heart!

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