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A View from Deborah Buckingham's Window - Nourishments

Deborah Buckingham began placing notecards in her kids’ lunches when they were in elementary school.  Each day she would personalize a verse of Scripture and send her children out into their school day.  This practice grew, because her children began to respond to the verses with statements like, “How did you know that is exactly what I needed today?”  Her children would also share their scriptural nourishments with their friends.

Deborah faithfully continued sending these cards throughout highschool,  and when friends graduated, she would include a set of nourishment scripture cards with their gift.  As years went by, she would receive texts from those same students thanking her for giving them God’s word to get them through a tough time.  She then began sharing personalized scripture cards with friends – both believers and non-believers – and would receive calls and notes expressing thanks.
God has made a way for Deborah’s Scriptural Nourishment to reach far beyond her family and friends.  Join me as we discuss her book, Nourishments.

You recently moved from Southern California to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  Tell us about that move and the impact that has had on your life and the life of your family?

Six years ago, as my son was getting ready for his senior year in high school and my daughter was getting ready for her sophomore year in high school, the entire family began to feel a tug from God on our hearts to make a life change.  Both of my children felt God asking them to make a move.  Lots of prayer went into this decision, and my husband asked us each to make a wish list of things that would help us make this move.  From creeks, barns, trees, more space and horses,we all had a desire that was different from the other.  After much prayer and waiting on the Lord, our family chose to move to Wyoming.  The Lord has done incredible things through this move!

How was the idea  of Nourishments born?  Did it have anything to do with your move to Wyoming?

Nourishments would have never have happened in California.  I had an incredible church family, an 18-year plus teaching ministry, and all of that was taken away from me  when we moved to Wyoming.  My kids were busy acclimating to their new school and surroundings, my husband was busy managing his business, and I wound up lying on the couch sobbing that God was finished with me.  When I expressed this to a teaching partner and mentor back in California, she suggested that I think about writing.  It was one of those times where the Lord used someone to speak into my life, and I couldn’t get away from the idea.  So I began to journal and unpack all of the Scriptures that I’d sent to nourish my kids over the years.  When I finished, I knew I had been given something from the Lord to share with others.

It’s quite a leap from journaling to having a book published! Tell us about your journey to publication.

The Lord opened so many doors once we decided to self-publish this book!  He placed opportunities before us, introduced us to editors and printers that had formerly worked for large publishing houses…it was an incredible journey!  We would pray and wait, and God would open the way before us.  The 10-week media tour has continued this amazing experience.  Radio and TV stations have said "yes" time and time again.  I know that only the Lord could open these opportunities and that it is His will for me to have this experience.

“The two most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you figure out why.”  This is a quote found at the beginning of the book.  How does the statement fit in with the message found in Nourishments?

God says I’m here to do life with Him, to have a relationship with Him and allow Him to shepherd me through this crazy thing called being human.  If I know where I’m going, in relationship with God, and understand that the real me (and the real you)  is an eternal soul, then life begins to make sense.

Why do you begin the book exploring the names of God?

Knowing the names of God was a real turning point in understanding my relationship with the Lord.  I can’t possibly say I know Him when I don’t even know His name, can I?  Understanding His names peels back another layer of understanding His character.  Knowing His name has helped me get through some really difficult times.

I felt it was critical to include this in the book as well as a 102 word glossary in the back of the book explaining, in very simple terms, words that will be a tool to allow people to better understand the concepts presented in the book. For instance, justification defined means “just as if I’d never sinned.”

You’ve also recorded an audio version of the book, and an app will be created as well.  Tell us a little bit about that process.

I spent 2 weeks in Nashville recording over 300 pages.  It was almost, my undoing because it was much harder than writing!  When you record something from print it has to be exactly word for word.  It was challenging!

The app is almost completed and will be available for all iphones and smart phones.  There is also an e-book version of the book available for electronic readers.

You’ve been teaching for years and are now published.  How will these two gifts marry in your life?

As I went back through the book I discovered there were three distinct themes:  how much we are loved by God, how we are able to trust Him and Christian living.  We can’t really begin to trust Him until we understand how much He loves us. When we understand those two things, we can begin to forgive and love like Christ did, and live a full and abundant life for Him.

I can see  a possibility of a study guide coming out in addition to the book itself.  This would help others, either in an individual study or a small group, go deeper into the truth of God’s Word.  Each nourishment can be unpacked into a 20-30 minute study time with God.

Any closing words you’d like to share with readers?

It’s amazing to see what is happening with this book!  No matter how tired I get I don’t complain.  I remain mindful of all that God has done to make this possible, and I’m just so grateful!

And then I’m reminded of Paul.  He had to do all his traveling on foot, and he got beaten and thrown in jail!  I get to ride in a Tahoe on beautiful interstates! I better not complain!

I also want to remind people that you can find out more about Nourishments on my website and blog: . My hope is that my book will help people find a deeper relationship with God and encourage a hunger for God’s Word.

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