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360 Degrees of Grief by Kayla Fioravanti - stories from 64 Authors

Kayla Fioravanti's New Book Shares Stories from
64 Authors, Including Steve Green, Wayne Watson 

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (May 1, 2014) - 

Selah Press announces the May 19 release of 360Degrees of Grief: Reflections of Hope, Volume 1, a collection of first-person stories detailing how scores of people from different walks of life, including Christian recording artists Steve Green, Wayne Watson, Clay Crosse and Melodie Tunney of First Call, have dealt with grief in a myriad of circumstances. The book was borne out of author and editor Kayla Fioravanti's grief following the death of her mother. 
"After my mother died, I started looking for resources to help me make sense of my emotions," Fioravanti says. "I quickly realized most of the books on the subject deal with grief from only an individual perspective. I was definitely grieving as a daughter losing her mother, but I also knew my father was grieving as a husband losing his wife. Others were grieving the loss of a friend, or grandparent, or mentor. We were all impacted differently." 
Fioravanti's experience ignited in her a passion to provide comfort to people in the midst and aftermath of a crisis, resulting in the book, which will be available in both digital and print formats on May 19.  
Realizing there are a multitude of different relationships, circumstances and types of grief, Fioravanti tapped into her network and invited writers from around the country to contribute their stories of dealing with this most universal of emotions. She was astounded by the response. 
Sixty-four authors, poets and songwriters shared their faith-based experiences of grief from death, divorce, miscarriage, abortion, empty nest, job loss, broken dreams, addiction, pornography, unplanned pregnancy, sickness, mental illness, abandonment, abuse, infertility and more. 
"God uses these stories of brokenness to shine His faithfulness," Fioravanti says. 

Contributors include a broad spectrum of writers; including theologians and pastors, like Bruce Fong, dean at Dallas Theological Seminary, and Tom Burgess, executive director of Global Missions International; recording artists like Steve Green, Wayne Watson, Melodie Tunney and Clay Crosse; entrepreneurs like Bethany Learn, founder and CEO of Fit2B Studio, and Joyce Bone, co-founder of the environmental service company, EarthCare, in addition to educators, performing artists, ferriers, life coaches and housewives.

"Writing about grief is an intimidating process," Fioravanti says. "Even though I felt God nudging me to reach out to people for contributions, I wasn't sure anyone would want to share such raw emotions. The response was overwhelming. In the end it was a very healing process for everyone involved, including both the writers and the editors. We already have material for Volume 2." 
Fioravanti, who contributed to the book and also served as managing editor, points out that the book was about a diverse group of people coming together to share transparently about their experiences with grief in order to minister to a broader spectrum of hurting people.

360 Degrees of Grief: Reflections of Hope, Volume 1 will be available online through major retailers including Amazon.com and Barnes&Noble.com. 
For more information on 360 Degrees of Grief, visit 360degreesofgrief.com. For more information on Fioravanti, visit kaylafioravanti.com
About the Author:
Kayla Fioravanti is a wife, mother, author and speaker, and happily married to her entrepreneur husband, Dennis. The couple live with their three children, Keegan, Selah and Caiden, in Franklin, Tenn. 
An expert in the natural cosmetic, aromatherapy and skin care industry, Kayla has published 
five books and has contributed or been featured in scores of publications, including Real SimpleSelf MagazinePrevention MagazineGood HousekeepingHome Business MagazineWomen EntrepreneurElleRedbookInStyle MagazineWoman's World and GQ. 
For more information about Fioravanti, visit KaylaFioravanti.com. 

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