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Lip Reading by Harry Kraus - REVIEWED

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Lip Reading
David C. Cook (March 1, 2014)
Harry Kraus


A Word from Harry:

I started writing my first novel during my last year of surgery training at UK. I was a chief resident, and started writing Stainless Steal Hearts in a call room at the Veteran's Administration Hospital in Lexington. It was a crazy time to write! I had a very demanding schedule, often spending days and nights in the hospital. I had two sons at that time, and I recognized the wisdom in my wife's urging: "Now doesn't seem the right time for this dream."

My experience as a writer is far from typical. Having received my formal training in biology and chemistry and medicine, my only preparation for a writing career was a love for reading. The longest thing I'd written before my first novel was a term paper in undergraduate school. My first novel was accepted by Crossway Books and published in 1994, and it wasn't until after I had FOUR published novels that I even opened a book of instruction about the craft of writing fiction. This is not what I recommend to others! Yes, I was successful, but I was bending the "rules" without knowing it. I had a natural talent for plotting, but I realize my initial success may have stunted my growth as a writer. I'd have made faster progress if I'd have gone to the fiction teachers sooner.

I have three sons: Joel, Evan, and Samuel. Look closely in all of my books and you'll see them there. My lovely wife, Kris, provides the basic composition for all those beautiful, athletic, dedicated women in my novels.


She Could Save Millions, or Save Herself

She just needs a little longer. She’s really close. Dr. Rebecca Jackson, a medical researcher, stands on the verge of a breakthrough that will transform medicine. But she soon discovers the reason behind the miraculous progress in her research, and it leaves her with a nearly impossible choice . . . and little time to decide. More than her research is at stake. And more threatens it than this latest revelation. Something she’s tried hard to cover up. There is a high cost to some things in medicine and it’s not always the patient who pays. Can Rebecca find the faith and wisdom she needs to make the right call? The clock is ticking and the pressure is on.

My Thoughts:
“And maybe we don’t see the message behind the pain.  Maybe God is simply trying to redirect our attention toward Him.”  (Noah to Becca)

At the point Noah speaks these words to Becca both she and Noah have suffered their share of pain, broken dreams and redirection.  God’s work has tenderized Noah, while Becca has driven herself deep within her career and away from the pain of relationship with God or anyone who follows Him.  Noah and Becca are both world renowned scientists on the brink of a life altering discovery.  They both need the knowledge the other possesses.  What neither ever anticipated were the pressures and absolute deadlines that were about to be placed before them.  Both will be called to make decisions that will change the eternal destination of many!

Harry Kraus fascinates me because he is both a surgeon and a fiction writer.  He has devoted his life to serve others, and God has blessed him with the ability to share intense medical thrillers with a broad reading audience.  Lip Reading is the best yet, and it contains so many twists and turns until you are literally left gasping for breath through the final chapters.  I don’t know when the stakes have been any higher or the end result any more satisfying!!

When I read the opening chapters I never dreamed the circumstances would be so personal or the consequences so grave.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the way Kraus weaves in true medical scenarios throughout the story that both fascinate and terrify the readers with their reality.  You don’t want to miss Lip Reading!!  It is absolutely fantastic!!

If you would like to read the first chapter of Lip Reading, go HERE.

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