Friday, April 4, 2014

Acts of God - RELEASING APRIL 15th!! - REVIEWED!!


A moment of crisis changes everything. One stormy night a sudden, shattering collision takes an innocent life. Now six people find their lives intertwined by the accident and hard questions reflected in their own lives. Why do such tragedies occur? If God is good, why does he allow so much pain? As each of them struggle through the challenges and the aftermath, threads of hope and faith along with close friends become the lifeline to a strength they could never find alone. Nationally esteemed pastor and author Bob Russell is featured as himself in a powerfully dramatic film that brings his teachings to vivid life.

My Thoughts:
There are times when the pain is so intense that words – even the words of God – don’t help at the moment.”  (Pastor Bob Russell)

Acts of God is a film that takes an honest look into the lives of people who are experiencing profound loss and walking through crippling grief.  This film is honest about the fact that from a human standpoint, there are times that we face as believers that cause us to choose whether or not we believe that God is indeed a good God who cares about His children.  We must choose to tap into the strength that lies within Christ’s finished work on the cross.  Only faith provides the strength, the grace, the mercy needed to survive the brutal circumstances that life brings to our doorsteps.

In an even more specific sense, Acts of God portrays what grace and mercy look like in real-world circumstances both corporately and personally.  Sarah is at the vortex of tragedy in this film, and all of the other character’s lives and trials come together in a tragic and realistic way.   The screen writers didn’t sugarcoat things in this film, and the viewer is forced to take an honest look into the hearts and minds of the characters as they deal with some pretty horrific situations.

I wouldn’t say this film is depressing or dark in a total sense.  It carries the message of hope, of grace and mercy, and of God’s faithfulness, but it does so within realistic circumstances and realistic time frames.  The life of the believer isn’t a series of unbelievable miracles and problem free circumstances.  Rather, it is the daily choice of walking in God’s strength through whatever life brings our way. 

This is the most POWERFUL film I’ve seen in a very long time!!  I was challenged to look at grace and forgiveness from a new perspective.  I walked away from the film encouraged and strengthened to face my own life challenges with God’s help.  Like Sarah, I choose to believe that God is good and that He can be trusted no matter what.  DON’T MISS THIS FILM!!!

Message from Bob Russell - ACTS OF GOD Behind the Scenes from City on a Hill Productions on Vimeo.

STAY TUNED I will be conducting and Interview with Bob Russell in the near future!!

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