Sunday, February 23, 2014

My Amish Boyfriend by Melody Carlson - REVIEWED

About the Book:
Shannon's summer just got a whole lot more . . . Amish?
Shannon McNamara has exciting plans for the summer--getting her driver's license, a job, and more--and she can't wait to dive in. But her ill mother has plans of her own: to relocate them both to the heart of Amish country in Ohio where she has relatives who can help her. 

Turns out a "simple" life is actually a lot of hard work. But when a hot young Amish guy named Ezra enters the picture, Shannon's ready to get an Amish makeover and even consider making it a permanent change. Will these plans come crashing down around her too? Or can she really make the jump into a whole new way of life?

Teen favorite Melody Carlson brings fans another surprising story of worlds--and families--colliding.

My Thoughts:
Amish are taught to trust God for everything.  The good and the bad.  And when you are trusting God, you do not need to talk about it so much.” (p. 237)

Melody Carlson has set an Englisher amongst the Amish in a way that is unique and impactful.  The main character is a teen girl who find herself almost orphaned far earlier than she dreams possible.  Her mom’s declining health places her unexpectedly in the Amish community.  From the moment she discovers she has family members in the Amish community, Shannon is set upon  a path of discovery that causes her to examine a variety of relationship from a very different perspective.  Most importantly, she is made to examine her own relationship with God in a very personal way.

Shannon’s faith journey gives her Amish relatives pause to consider their own faith and the decisions that they have made regarding their own kin.  This examination proves to be foundational in setting faith in a concrete way into the lives of each character.  The results are realistic and profound.

I think I enjoyed this so much because Melody is so adept at causing readers to look at things closely – even when it uncomfortable and sometimes difficult.  She shows the importance of a personal relationship with God through Christ regardless of lifestyle choices of worship.  The Englisher and the Amish have opportunity to be very real and open with their opinions and grow from their interaction in unexpected ways. 

This is, no surprise to me, another stellar young adult novel from Melody Carlson, and I am happy to recommend it to readers of all ages!  The truth that is revealed makes this an exceptional novel!

About the Author:
Melody Carlson is the award-winning author of more than two hundred books, including the Life at Kingston High series, the Dating Games series, Double Take, and A Simple Song. She has received a Romantic Times Career Achievement Award in the inspirational market for her many books, including the Diary of a Teenage Girl series and Finding Alice. Melody and her husband live in Oregon. Find out more at

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