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Gabriel's Bride by Amy Lillard - REVIEWED

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About the Book:
Rachel Yoder has two choices: marry Gabriel Fisher or move to Ohio. As an orphan, Rachel doesn’t have much to offer; any match she can make will be a good one. She just didn’t plan on Gabriel with his big hands and permanent frown.

As a widower Gabriel needs help caring for the farm and his six children. But he never thought he’d marry a slip of a girl who barely reaches his chin.

Yet as time passes, Gabriel finds himself thinking about a real marriage. They have spoken vows to God and each other, but can he risk his heart with Rachel?

My Thoughts:
Jah, she was terrified of anything that jumped, but that didn’t mean that she would turn tail and run if things got a little difficult.”  (p. 259)

When Rachel and Gabriel collide (literally) for the first time, it seems both of them fail to recognize the providence of the moment.  When Deacon Esh spoke to Gabriel back on page 25, he spoke the truth! “The Lord sees a need, and He provides for it.”  Yet to turn tail and run from this provision is exactly what both of them seem determined to do throughout the book!

I will say that Gabriel’s boys don’t really the situation much, but when there are five boys at home, realistically you have to expect mischief some of the time!  I thought Rachel handled her situation with grace and strength, and when trouble did find its way to her door she acted quickly.  I was disappointed that she chose not to face her reality head on.  Instead she reacted in fear and the entire family faltered for a bit.  Stubbornness was a two way street, because Gabriel dug his heals in too.  I wanted to scold them both!   It was pretty iffy.

Gabriel’s Bride is a touching but realistic story, and I was left well satisfied in the end.    Even though this book is the third in the Clover Ridge series, it could easily be a stand-alone novel as well.

About the Author:
Welcome to my home on the web! As my site name says, I write romance. I write Amish romance as Amy Lillard and contemporary romantic comedies as Amie Louellen. Love is a journey; I hope you'll join me!
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