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The Breath of Dawn by Kristen Heitzmann - REVIEWED!

About the Book:

"Heitzmann weaves a many-layered tale keep[ing] readers entertained and wondering when the next bit of drama will occur." -Publishers Weekly
Corporate turnaround specialist Morgan Spencer, dubbed the "success guru," has a Midas touch in business. But losing his wife sent him to the brink, and his two-year-old daughter, Livie, is all he's living for-until they encounter a woman whose trouble just might draw him out of his own.
Four years ago Quinn Reilly did the right thing. Now the man her testimony put in jail is getting out. Though she has put up barriers to protect herself and those around her, she has come to care for the Spencer family, especially the winsome Livie and her mercurial father. Unwilling to put them at risk when the threats begin, she requests something she hopes the super-successful Morgan might be able to deliver.
Fixing problems is what Morgan does best, but his counterproposal takes them in a direction neither is equipped to handle. Determined to confront the past, will they survive to build a future?

My Thoughts:
Sometimes you just act.”  (p 427)

When Morgan Spencer speaks these words, he is speaking a profound truth and acknowledging a profound shift in his heart.  Kristen Heitzmann has created a character in Morgan Spencer that just gets into your soul!  He is a person who reaches out to others, gives his very best to everything, yet he is a man who has experienced such great loss, that his growth and healing are like a precious gift within the story. Heitzmann gives you every nuance, every emotion, every significant change in such a realistic way that by the time you reach the end of the story, you’ve shed your fair share of tears for Morgan – both in sorrow and in joy.

Quinn Reilly is the other major character painted upon the canvas of this story, and, like Morgan, she becomes someone you learn to love a great deal.  Her experiences within the story are both emotionally difficult and heart-poundingly frightening - for it is Quinn who is threatened by a very subtle enemy and a deadly set of circumstances.  There are several chapters that threaten to take her out of the story all-together!

Once again, Heitzmann has created a host of characters that the reader comes to care for very deeply, then she sets up situations that have you racing toward the end of the story with your heart pounding, and your breathing rather faulty!  Romantic suspense is an art that this author has perfected, and The Breath of Dawn will keep her fans happily reading well into the night!  Bravo!!! 

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About the Author:
Kristen Heitzmann is the bestselling author of over a dozen novels, including "Freefall", "Halos", "A Rush of Wings", and the Christy Award winner "Secrets". She and her husband, Jim, and their family live in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where she serves as worship leader in their church. 

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