Monday, November 5, 2012

Julie Elias - A Wild Rose - REVIEWED!

I’ve always believed you can hear words, but you can feel music,” says Elias. “What is a relationship with God without feeling His presence through your entire being? Sometimes songs can touch you in a way that words cannot."  (from Julie's website - go to the website to read her full bio!)

My Thoughts:

When the storms won’t subside
When my heart breaks inside
I will look up, yet fall on my knees
With your Word in my hands
On your truth I will stand
My shelter, redeemer, my friend…I am yours.  (from the Chorus of I am Yours)

Julie Elias has answered God's call on her life, and the songs she has written and that she performs on A Wild Rose are evidence of the grace of God in her life as she has answered His call!  I have been ministered to, challenged, encouraged and just thoroughly blessed by every song on this album!

I love the way the songs switch tempo, and reflective mood.  All of the songs on this album are a form of praise in its most amazing fullness, and the truths contained in each song are scripturally sound and reflect the redeeming work of Christ in the life of His child.  

This would make an awesome gift of encouragement to any believer, and will satisfy a wide variety of musical tastes!

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