Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A View from Robert Amaya's Window - The Role of Javier Martinez in Courageous!

Robert Amaya is performing his first role in a major motion picture as Javier Martinez in the movie Courageous! I was able to sit down with him and talk about this experience while I was in Atlanta at the International Christian Retail Show, and it was indeed an honor!

Later that same evening, I was able to attend a screening of the movie, and it was an even greater thrill to be able to shake his hand, tears in my eyes, after the film rolled its final credits.

It is clear that God's hand is indeed at work in the lives of many people when you understand what this film brought about in the lives of those who played a part in its production. Please, welcome Robert Amaya to my Window!

How did you learn about the role of Javier Martinez?

My church announced that the movie Courageous needed a man to play the role of a Latino father. I had just gone from playing video games to changing diapers in my own life, and I thought that I could relate to the role. Courageous ministered to me first, as a new dad.

Tell us about the character of Javier Martinez.

Javier is a man who loves God and loves his family. He is just struggling to provide for his family. Playing this role gave me an opportunity to appreciate my dad and see him through new eyes.

Javier portrays the role of a loving father and husband, and as powerful as his role is in the film the role of his wife (played by Angelita Nelson) is just as powerful. She is the strength behind all that de does, because Javier sees her as the one God brought to him. Her role allows people to see God's design for the wife in marriage, showing that a man can be what God wants him to be when the right woman is beside him.

Why do you think that it is time for the message in the movie Courageous?

Fathers are disengaged from their families or absent from the home altogether. Out of the number of youth that are in trouble today, 87% of those children have no father in the home.

God is calling the fathers to step into their role as leaders of the home and dtop doing familes as men and start being family men.

What ministered to you as you worked to make the film?

The men in this film are the real deal. They take their role as husbands and dads - as men - seriously and they seek God about how to lead their families. Courageous ministered to me before anyone else.

Tell us what you think the reaction will be to this film.

You will laugh as much as you will cry as you watch the film. Men and women will be challenged to take up the role that God has designed them uniquely to fill as men and women, as mothers and fathers, and husbands and wives.

What was your favorite scene in the movie.

Without a doubt, the "Snake King" scene was my favorite!

Oh dear blogger buddies, this movie will touch your heart and change you life!! Don't miss it!! And that Snake King? It IS the most hilarious scene in the entire movie!!! You will love it!! And you will love all of the characters! Courageous is Robert's first movie production. And he is a Courageous man in every sense of the word! It was a pleasure to meet and interview him!

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