Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A View from Kevin Downes' Window - The role of Shane Fuller in Courageous!

Kevin Downes plays the role of Officer Shane Fuller in Provident Film’s latest movie, Courageous. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Kevin at the International Christian Retail Show in Atlanta and talking about his role in this landmark film. I was both challenged and encouraged by what he said, and I hope you will be as well.

Please give a warm welcome to Kevin Downes!

Tell us how you came to be involved in the movie Courageous?

I prayed about the decision, auditioned and left it in God’s hands. I got a call from Alex Kendrick on Good Friday and all he said was, “Are you ready to be Courageous?”

I have been friends with Alex for some time, and I had just brought my son home from Haiti. I was excited to learn what God wanted me to be as a father, and I look at this movie as a legacy project for my children.

Tell us a little about the character of Shane Fuller and the role he plays in the film.

There are five main characters in the film, and Shane is a divorced father to an eleven year old son. He is struggling to be a father to his son.

What do you think about the Courageous project?

All of the actors in the film are big fans of the project. It is astounding to watch the reaction people have to this film. I think God is really going to speak to people no matter where they are on their life journey. No matter where you are or what’s going on in your life, this film will hit on something specific in your heart. Watching this film will be different for every individual that comes to see the project.

How did this project minister to you personally?

We all have sin in our life, and we are either going to come humbly to God and ask forgiveness or we’re going to try to get through it by our own will. The character of Shane is struggling to get through things on his own, and he faces the consequences of self-reliance.

What do you hope that people will take away from this film?

You want to make sure that God is in every decision you make. Every decision.

It was very exciting to meet Kevin and see the excitement that he had for this project. His role in the film is one that will both trouble and challenge people, and I personally think the role of Shane Fuller is one of the film’s strongest characters.

ABOUT KEVIN DOWNES: (from the Courageous website)

Kevin Downes is an actor, director, and producer, often working alongside his brother Bobby in Downes Brothers Entertainment's faith-based projects including Like Dandelion Dust (based on Karen Kingsbury's novel). Kevin plays officer Shane Fuller, a divorced father. Among the films Kevin has appeared in: Bobby Jones, Senseless, and Thr3e. Kevin is the father of two young boys.

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