Saturday, May 7, 2011

Undaunted Faith by Andrea Boeshaar - REVIEWED!

Undaunted Faith is a satisfying, exciting finale to Andrea Boeshaar’s Seasons of Redemption series. The McCabe brothers and Bethany Stafford make it back to the Arizona territory only to discover that danger can reside in many unexpected places! The human heart has great capacity to love, but it also has a great capacity to harshly judge who is worthy to receive love and grace. The reader is allowed to view both sides of this human drama, and is made to guess at the outcome until the very final chapter!

Bethany Stafford has come to the territory to fill the role of school teacher. Dr. Annetta Cavanaugh has come to treat the town’s physical maladies. Both ladies have brought painful pasts as part of their luggage, and that makes it difficult for them to settle comfortably into their new home. The McCabe brothers resume their role as pastors to the region, and they find themselves caught unawares by the trouble brewing in their small town. The Lord is never unaware, and is orchestrating events in the loves of these characters for their good and His glory.

I have enjoyed every story in this series, and Undaunted Faith was a perfect conclusion to the drama. Andrea Boeshaar writes a great piece of historical fiction, and I’m excited to learn that she has a new series beginning in 2012!

Please see this post to learn more about this great book!!

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