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The Trigger by Hon Hoh - REVIEWED

About the Book: (from the publisher)
Do each of us play a role in the kingdom of God? Can the choices we make affect God’s timing of future events? Hon Hoh examines these questions while taking his readers on a riveting adventure in The Trigger: A Novel on the Revelation. Through twists and turns, readers will be led on a powerful journey.

The Trigger follows three individuals (a pastor, a spy, and a missionary) from three continents (the United States, China, and Australia) who find their lives merged in a single divine purpose: to win the last unreached people group on earth and usher in the Second Coming of Christ. They must succeed in order to release the trigger for the return of the Lamb as declared in Matthew 24:14.

In their way stands a legion of demonic principalities intent on destroying the plan. Against the backdrop of unprecedented persecution and the onslaught of cataclysmic events, they must remain steadfast in order to carry out the priority revealed to them by God. It is evident that no believer will escape the greatest tribulation in human history and that only the matchless return of the King can deliver mankind from evil’s reign.

The climactic battle between Good and Evil unfolds as Lucifer executes his definitive act of defiance: the global genocide of all Christians. With the sound of the trumpets reverberating throughout the heavens, the events that have been set in motion must now complete their course. Eternity and the fate of the earth are at stake, and there is no plan B.

Far more than just another End-Times novel and theologically distinct from the Left Behind series, Hoh will alter the way you see the world and prepare you for the future. This novel is based closely on Hoh’s theology expressed in his book Risen Lamb, Empowered Saints: The Book of Revelation Made Easy. Although the events described are entirely fictional, they are but one of many plausible scenarios in which the end could occur. Though these depictions may not arise for more than another hundred years, it is conceivable that they could begin to unfold within the next decade—or less.

Hoh has written a thought-provoking and exciting novel that looks at the events leading up to the Second Coming and challenges us all to follow the plans that Christ has for our lives.

My Thoughts:

The book of the Revelation contains many mysteries about the end of the present day world as we know it. The Left Behind series is probably one of the best-known fictional attempts to explain end-time events. Hon Hoh’s book The Trigger takes this fictional attempt from a totally different angle – one where believers are not raptured until after the tribulation and before the trumpet judgments begin. This story also is told from a spiritual battle point of view, and the earthly events leading up to the end-time events are distinctively spirit led.

It’s an interesting concept, I guess, but not one which I fully enjoyed nor support. The spiritual beings - both angelic and demonic – had too many human characteristics which made them seem weak and vulnerable to emotions like doubt and fear. Several times the plot seemed to hinge on human choice rather that God’s sovereignty, and that didn’t appeal to me at all. I don’t pretend to know a fraction of what Hon Hoh must know doctrinally, but I do know the fate of this earth doesn’t rest with any human “trigger.” I praise God for that truth. It may make for fascinating fiction, but the Bible stands in unerring truth.

Yes, we know some details about the book of the Revelation, but God remains sovereign over all, and He and His holy angels are not waiting for any trigger to set off the end of this world. They wait only for the Word of God.

The Trigger is okay as fiction goes. But the constantly changing point of view from human to spiritual and back again made for a disjointed tale. Doctrine aside, it just didn’t appeal to me a great deal as either a well-plotted or a well- written story. Decide for yourself.

You can go HERE to learn more about the book, Hoh's ministry and his doctrinal stand.

About the Author:

Hon Hoh is founder and director of Living Impact Inc. He was a pastor of three Australian churches for over ten years, functioning in the capacity of associate, teaching, and senior pastor. A graduate of the University of Melbourne (Psychology), Swinburne Institute of Technology (Applied Social Psychology), the Bible College of Victoria, and Harvest Bible College (M.A. in Ministry), Hon worked in the field of social welfare prior to entering pastoral ministries. He authored Risen Lamb, Empowered Saints: The Book of Revelation Made Easy (Maryland: McDougal Publishing, 2002). Hon is married to Ling and they have two daughters, Stephanie and Deborah, and son, Joseph.

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