Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lily Hates Goodbyes by Jerilyn Marler - REVIEWED

About the Book:
This full color storybook is especially for young military children. Lily’s Daddy is gone for about a billion days at a time. Lily struggles with deep, scary emotions. But she and her Daddy have special ways to stay in touch and her Mommy supports her and loves her through the turbulence. Lily learns to be happy in spite of the separation from Daddy.

Lily is one of thousands of military children who pay a very high price for the honorable service of their parents. Sometimes they feel very alone. I hope Lily can be a friend to your military child.

My Thoughts:

I have lived the role of a military wife, and although my children were much younger than Lily when my husband left the service, I can readily understand how helpful this book would be for military families who must deal with lengthy absences of a parent. Given today's military climate, I think the timing of this book release is even more important, and the message would open the door for both parent and child to discuss the impact of missing someone they love.

Separation is a big part of what military families must face, and the emotions that must be dealt with are very confusing to little ones. To have a picture book like this one on hand would be an invaluable tool to use to help that process become less frightening. I am happy to recommend this book to my readers. I applaud Jerilyn Marler for recognizing and meeting this need in such a creative way! Bravo!

Please visit Lily's Website to learn more!

About the Author: (from the author's website)

My 30 year creative path has led through writing educational materials for Alaska elementary schools; writing three books about WordPerfect for Henry Holt Publishers; editing dozens of books for technical publishers; editing a children’s book, a medical text book, and book on divorce at the same time; and writing/editing end user documentation for more products than I can count.

Along the way I’ve worked in major high technology companies and tiny start-ups; I’ve been a real estate agent, programmer, project manager, program manager, and user interface designer. The persistent thread through my work has been communication: it always comes back to words. I love words. And now through the development of Lily Hates Goodbyes, I’ve discovered my passion: helping to heal children’s hearts through stories.

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