Friday, March 4, 2011

The Faithful by Johathan Weyer - REVIEWED

About the Book:
Conflicted with his faith in God and the hypocrisy of the church, Aidan, an assistant pastor, is already a spiritual battleground. When he learns that his ex-fiancee was murdered in a possibly demonic ritual, he finds himself catapulted into an even deeper fight. Tormented by demonic threats and haunted spirits in the afterlife, Aidan becomes a medium that will hold the key to solving this murder mystery. As Catholic priests, paranormal investigators and rogue law enforcement seek Aidan out, readers both secular and religious will find that the Faithful tears at the emotions and doubts of humankind.

My Thoughts:
Oh my goodness! Prepare to be creeped out!! The Faithful is the most unusual look at faith I've read lately. However, it is a realistic and applicable look at the struggles faced by many today who have had their faith tested and found wanting. Aiden is a pretty tortured guy spiritually, and he really jumps from the kettle into a roaring fire in this story! I feel kind of sorry for him that he has to go through so much to learn what was right in front of him the entire time. But...that's what makes this story sooo good!!

Now, there is a bit of language that, as you already know, I think has no place in Christian fiction. I know Christians cuss, but I don't have to read it...I do have an imagination. But, other than that - and I'm consistent in my dislike of this - The Faithful is the epitome of the genre entitled "Christian Horror." There is a whole entire debate about that genre's name that I will not enter at this time. However, I am very happy to recommend this book to you.

Just don't read it at bedtime or you may have disturbing dreams!! (evil laugh!!)


About the Author:
Jonathan has a lifelong love of scary stories. As a child, he spent two weeks every summer with his grandmother at the library devouring ghost stories and tales of Bigfoot and Mothman. After college, Jonathan went to seminary and graduated with a Masters of Divinity. He is currently ordained in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. He resides in Columbus, Ohio and is the campus minister at Ohio State University. Jonathan is the founder of The Thomas Society, a ministry dedicated to answering questions from religious skeptics. He resides inOhio with his wife, three kids and a crazy cat.

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