Thursday, December 16, 2010

the clouds roll away by Sibella Giorello - REVIEWED - AND CONTEST!!

“The church smelled of paraffin and my mother’s tears and my own shame.” (p. 304)

Reading a novel written by Sibella Giorello is a feast of sights, sounds, sharp images and poignant emotion. Raleigh Harmon, the protagonist in her stories, is a woman who seems to be hanging onto life and faith by a tenuous thread. However, she hangs on with such tenacity you can’t help but admire her courage and her desire to do what is right – no matter the cost.

The clouds roll away is my second Raleigh Harmon novel, and it was as satisfying, exciting, and spiritually melancholy as the first. Raleigh is an FBI agent who has a LOT to deal with when you consider what she does for a living! Combined with a mother who lives in a very fragile emotional state, Raleigh tries to do the right thing in every situation. But sometimes she has to choose between bad and worse. I think her heart is pretty fragile too, but she buries a lot of her own hurt and confusion about the depravity in her world beneath a mountain of really unhealthy food choices!

Well…she doesn’t bury them entirely with food…but she sure has the ability to put away some serious takeout! Raleigh also has an insatiable appetite for the truth, and that takes her to some very scary and dangerous places in this novel! Gangs, drugs, rap music stars and international smuggling are only a few of the things this terrific gal has to deal with!

And you know what I love the most about Giorello’s stories? She doesn’t reveal a SINGLE THING until the very last pages of the book!! She throws a lot of red herrings in the path of the reader, but you have to hang on through some pretty intense stuff before the answers come to light!

I really love the character of Raleigh Harmon. She’s strong, weak, brave, intelligent, and such a hero in her heart – but she doesn’t know it! If you like a great suspenseful story crafted of words spun together like gold…you don’t want to miss the clouds roll away!

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Mocha with Linda said...

I had a harder time with this one. And looking at the reviews on Amazon, it seems some people love it and some people thought it was confusing!